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980nm diode laser machine for vascular removal

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980mm diode laser is a laser beauty device for vascular removal. It has no side effects on normal skin and does not require hospitalization. The operation process is relatively simple, the safety is relatively high, the recovery is relatively fast, and there will be no scars. It is recommended to do surgery. It is best to go to a local regular plastic surgery hospital and choose a doctor with rich technical experience to perform surgery, which can reduce the risk of surgery. 980nm diode laser machine also can treat stubborn red bloodshot at one time without any trauma.

980nm diode laser machine

The 980 nm diode laser for vascular removal uses the fiber energy of a specific wavelength to target the capillaries using the patented MAX directional conduction technology. It can thermally coagulate hemoglobin in dilated capillaries and endothelial cells in capillaries within milliseconds, thereby sealing the dilated blood vessels immediately.

Treatment Features

1. 980nm laser can promote collagen production, improve skin elasticity, and increase skin thickness and density.

2. 980nm laser repairs capillaries, restores the elasticity of capillaries, and improves the phenomenon of skin redness and heat caused by red blood.

3. 980nm laser removal of red blood cells is a comprehensive skin repair method, which fundamentally changes the problem of thin stratum corneum, supplements the skin with nutrients to remove red bloodshot, and restores luster and whiteness to the skin.

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How about 980nm laser red bloodshot removal

980nm laser red bloodshot removal is effective, but requires multiple treatments. The most commonly used red bloodshot removal lasers are pulsed dye lasers. The common causes of red blood or telangiectasia are: 1. People living in high altitude areas for a long time, high altitude leads to hypoxia, which causes the expansion of capillaries. Second, physical factors, living in alpine areas or suffering from frostbite, lead to blocked blood circulation in the face and telangiectasia on the face. This one also is a best laser machine for spider veins.

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Do not go out in the sun after the operation. You can use a sunshade or wear a sun hat when you go out. Do not take a bath, sauna, sweat, or swim in a short period of time. Do not hit the local area with your hands. Clean and hygienic, do not use cosmetics, pay attention to diet, do not eat spicy and irritating food.

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