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OEM And ODM Service

Today, mass products are becoming more and more unmarketable, and personalised customisation is becoming the trend. BVLASER is committed to ODM customisation service. Extremely beautiful appearance design and UI design, extremely exquisite craft control, fast delivery, is the pursuit of BVLASER. Cooperate with BVLASER, achieve extraordinary career!
Extremely beautiful, exclusively and special design is your only choice !! Are you really eager to be the best in the future? BVLASER is your best cooperation partner!

Our capabilities cover the complete spectrum of the photon and medical aesthetic laser products from initial concept right through to after-market services. We're flexible, resourceful, and experienced. If you have an idea for a new product, let BVLASER team of experienced and professional technicians assist you in bringing it to life. We support you in dealing with manufacturing and technology related questions.
Maintenance Service

Bvlaser has a professional service team that has over 12 experienced workers, whose work is to deal with the problems caused by the machines.

1) Guarantee: Within 24 months from the day you bought the product, if there is any fault, we provide maintenance service.

2) If you have any problem while using our product, please contact with us with Whatsapp, telephone, network or e-mail. We will answer within ONE Hour and solve your problem as soon as possible.

3) We take charge the quality of our product under normal use. If host default, we provide FREE Maintenance. After the warranty period, we only charge cost price for spare parts.

4) All of our equipment adopts modular design, which has long service life, and they are constituted by 3 parts including screen, handpiece and power supplier.


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