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Strong R&D capabilities have always been a key competitive advantage of the BVLASER, resulting in many patented laser generator, main products: long pulse laser alexandrite 755nm+ND AYG laser 1064nm, 1927 thulium laser, 1550 erbium laser, picosecond laser, CO2 fractional laser, 980+1470nm laser, diode laser (500W/1200W/1600W/2000W/3000W), etc.
Bestview Laser applies the medical device quality system (MDR/MEDICAL CE, ISO 13485, FDA, 93/42/EEC) that is up to the standard of European medical device directives and United States FDA.
Why Choose Us
We are confident that you will find our standards and quality of service will exceed your expectations in all areas of laser treatments that we offer. If you would like any advice about suitable treatments or a complimentary consultation relating to any condition which may be concerning you, just call us or email your inquiry.

When you choose BVLASER, you choose a company committed to designing, manufacturing, and delivering: The highest performance, the cost-effective price, and the best laser systems in the world.


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BLDG 5, 2-1, Liandong U Valley Kechuangyuan1, Hengyi Road, Economic, 210038, Nanjing City, China
Tel: 0086 19503817280
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