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Best affordable laser hair removal device

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808nm diode laser hair removal machine is one of the more popular types of hair removal procedures on the market today. It is fast, safe and minimally invasive. Laser hair removal is accomplished through the penetrating power of the laser beam and the photothermal effect.

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Mechanism of action of laser hair removal

The mechanism of action of laser hair removal is to inhibit the hair in the follicle by the selectivity of the light beam in proportion to the energy level of the light. In general, the laser is used at a frequency of 10 to 100 times/minute. Whereas other methods usually require more than 10 applications to achieve results. The laser is able to kill or inhibit melanin without damaging the hair follicle cells at the same time, so it can be said that laser hair removal is currently a safer and more effective hair removal procedure.

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Is laser hair removal safe?

The principle of laser body hair removal machine is to use specific wavelengths of energy to instantly vaporise the capillaries and epidermis of the hair, thus destroying the melanin in the hair follicle and thus achieving the effect of hair removal. Therefore, laser hair removal does not cause any damage to the skin. However, it is important to be aware of the damage that can be caused by improper methods. Generally hair removal takes 2-3 sessions or more before the hair becomes dry, hard or ineffective. It usually takes 1-2 month cycles to see results. Laser hair removal does help to some extent to restore the hairiness. However, care should be taken not to damage the skin by using the device too often. Because body hair and sweat hair are intertwined and undergo many changes on a daily basis, care needs to be taken not to use it too often. In addition, each person has a different body type and skin condition, so laser hair removal will not cause any damage to the skin. So you don't need to worry too much about whether laser hair removal is safe or not.

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How to take care after laser hair removal

After doing laser hair removal treatment, it is required to apply ice immediately, about 15-20 minutes, so as to reduce its impact on the skin, even if there are red bumps, also insist on ice for 20 minutes, red bumps light hair removal before you need to avoid sun exposure, use sunscreen for more than 2 weeks; clean the skin of the hair removal area, remove the surface oil; especially sensitive to pain People who are particularly sensitive to pain are advised to have a surface anaesthetic in advance. It is not recommended to touch water for a few hours after laser hair removal; do not wash the treated area with soap or shower gel on the day of treatment; do not use cosmetics on the same day topically; no sun exposure, sauna or massage for 2 days; wear sunscreen when going out, etc. The laser hair removal is only to make the hair follicle damaged and no longer grow hair, it does not cause harm to other skin tissues in the human body. Laser hair removal has a slight stinging sensation, after the procedure can have a mild burning sensation, local skin appears mild edema follicle papules or red spots, this time cold compresses is ok.

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Disadvantages of other hair removal methods

Hair removal cream is now a very popular beauty product for women because it can effectively inhibit hair growth. However, most women usually overlook one important step when using hair removal creams: application. It is the application of the cream that makes the hair removal effect last longer. The quality of hair removal creams on the market varies, and it doesn't take long for them to flake and dry out, leaving your skin worse and worse.


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