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Answers to questions about Diode laser hair removal machine

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Diode laser permanent hair removal machine is a scientific and safe way of hair removal. Laser hair removal is to use the heat generated by the diode laser, through the generated specific wavelengths, it has a harmful effect on the hair, thereby achieving hair removal. Using laser hair removal can not only inhibit the growth of hair, but also reduce the melanin of the hair, so that it will not grow again, and can avoid the damage to our skin caused by the use of traditional hair removal methods.

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Applicable parts

Diode laser permanent hair removal machine can remove excess hair from the body. For example, the mustache on the face, the fine hair on the arms, the underarm hair and the leg hair on the legs, etc.

What are the advantages of diode laser hair removal?

1. Safe and painless

Diode laser hair removal uses a cooling head, the temperature can be adjusted, and the emitted light will cool the skin, which not only removes hair but also protects the skin.

2. Does not affect work and study

Although hair removal needs to be done many times, each time is very short. As long as you apply cold compress after hair removal, you can return to work and life immediately without any impact.

3. Strong professional

The freezing laser hair removal used now is a very safe way of hair removal. It works very well and will not harm the skin of the human body. It also whitens and rejuvenates the skin.

4. Safe and stable

Alexandrite diode laser hair removal machine has alexandrite cooling technology, which can reduce the temperature to 2 degrees Celsius the moment the device is turned on. During the whole hair removal process, without suspending the device, it can achieve 24-hour uninterrupted work, safe and stable.

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How long does alexandrite diode laser hair removal take to see results

1. 3-6 months

About half a year after laser hair removal, 76% of the hair will be reduced. Some people need five to eight sessions before they can achieve permanent hair removal.

2. Periodic hair removal is more conducive to achieving permanent

Many people do not know about hair removal, thinking that it will not grow after one hair removal. Our human hair grows in cycles, and as it falls off, new hair grows. The hair that has been shed is almost the same as the hair that has grown, so it gives the impression that there is no change in appearance.

But some of the hairs in the follicles are in the telogen phase, and they haven't grown out yet. Different hairs on a part will have different growth periods, so everyone must do it on time to get a better hair removal effect. After the hair is removed, it will still grow, but it will be finer and smaller than the previous hair, which will not affect the beauty.

For now, 808nm diode laser hair removal machine is a relatively safe hair removal technology. When you choose, you must keep your eyes open and find a regular beauty hospital.

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Answers to questions about diode laser hair removal machine

1. Does laser hair removal hurt?

Due to the different selection of hair removal positions, the degree will be different. We have to decide whether there is pain or not according to the numbers of the hair, even if there are some, it will not be particularly strong, and many people can accept it. The alexandrite laser hair removal machine will feel a little pain when working, we can rest assured.

The growth of fine hair has a certain cycle. The fine hair in the growing period will have a large amount of melanin to choose to remove hair at this time, and the fine hair will not regenerate within a long period of time, we can do it several times.

2. Does laser hair removal affect sweating?

Laser hair removal will not affect sweating. What we need to know is that sweat is excreted by sweat glands. Although sweat glands and hair follicles are both organs in the skin, they are very important. Laser hair removal is to resist the growth of the hair in the hair follicle. The sweat glands do not have melanin, so when the hair is removed, it will not cause damage to it.

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