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Benefits Of Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment

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Bvlaser Bestview is a professional beauty laser machine supplier, and we have standard fractional CO2 laser machine factory, can provide hair removal machine, tattoo removal machine, body slimming machine and skin rejuvenation machine. We have CO2 fractional laser machine on sale.

co2 fractional laser machinery

This article I will introduce professionalco2 fractional laser scar removal equipment in details, and we also have portable CO2 fractional laser machine on sale.

CO2 Fractional Laser Machine Principle

Produces controlled thermal damage to the basal layer of the skin, thereby reducing wrinkle hyperpigmentation and acne scars, multifunctional CO2 fractional laser machine also tightens and refines the skin and improves long-term collagen and elastin reproduction, wavelength 10600NM.

fractional CO2 laser

The Difference Between Peeling And Non- peeling

1. Non-peeling laser will not exfoliate, no need for scabbing, and can preserve the integrity of the stratum corneum.

The absorption rate of water tissue is very low, directly penetrates the epidermis to the collagen in the dermis, stimulates the proliferation of collagen, and only has the effect of light and heat

Advantages: no pain, no scabs, no recovery period, can be wetted immediately, and skin care

Disadvantages: no immediate effect, slow effect.

2. Peeling laser has two effects: phosgenation effect (the water tissue of the epidermis is strongly absorbed, the epidermis is vaporized, and exfoliated) and the photothermal effect (acts on the collagen in the dermis, stimulates the proliferation of collagen).

Advantages: It not only peels off epidermal wrinkles, but also stimulates the proliferation of collagen. Treat the symptoms and the root causes.

Disadvantages: pain, scabs, need recovery period.

fractional CO2 laser machine

Advantages Of CO2 Fractional Laser Machine

1. Using the RF tube laser imported from the United States, the real super pulse laser, the pulse width is 200 microseconds.

2. The handle in fractional mode, imported from Germany, has very good reliability, stability and safety.

3. There are a variety of drawing shapes, there are seven kinds (square, rectangle, oval, circle, triangle, diamond, linear).

4. Dermatology and cosmetic surgery for multiple indications and for precise and rapid treatment.

Hand Tool Display

fractional co2 laser machine hand tool

What conditions can CO2 Fractional treat

1. Scars: Atrophic scars, depressed scars, linear scars, hypertrophic scars, pigmented moles, warts.

2. Misgrowth: Skin tag.

3. Facial rejuvenation: fine wrinkles, enlarged pores.

co2 laser fractional machine

How Dot CO2 Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatment Works

Grinding of uneven skin layers by gasification peeling

Through thermal action, stimulate dermal collagen fibers, regenerate collagen, reorganize, and improve aging and damaged skin

Hand tools: cutting tools or lattice tools

power: 12

Energy density: 1.0

Operation points: DENSITY can not be too dense, so as to avoid color sink

Dot matrix hand tools: The energy density should not be too high. to avoid discoloration.

If you have any questions about CO2 fractional laser scar removal equipment, feel free to contact us!


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