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Best professional ipl machine for skin rejuvenation treatment

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IPL photorejuvenation machine is a highly technological skin rejuvenation programme. The principle used in IPL photorejuvenation is the selective absorption of light and the photothermal principle, and IPL intense pulsed light has a wide range of indications. Facial ageing, acne depressions, skin laxity and various pigmentation problems can be solved by IPL treatment. Bvlaser is a IPL beauty machine supplier, we have the best professional IPL machine for skin rejuvenation sale.

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IPL skin rejuvenation

IPL skin whitening and rejuvenation is a common cosmetic treatment that uses intense pulsed light to penetrate the skin, which can act directly on the dermis to re-synthesise collagen and elastic fibres under the skin to remove wrinkles, as well as break down melanin to achieve skin whitening effects. It can make the skin fairer and smoother, reduce fine lines and shrink pores, but after IPL skin rejuvenation, the skin may become red, swollen or have a slight burning sensation, which is normal and can be relieved by applying ice. After IPL skin rejuvenation, you should pay attention to good skin care to avoid skin irritation and infection. You should also pay attention to good sun protection when you go out to avoid prolonged UV exposure to stimulate the skin or pigmentation, which affects the effect of skin whitening.

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How IPL treatment works

IPL photofacial machine is one of the most widely used light treatment technologies in the clinical field and plays a very important role in the field of skin aesthetics, and is widely used in the treatment of various cosmetic skin diseases, especially those related to photodamage and photoaging.

Photorejuvenation technology is an innovative technology that can treat a wide range of skin problems. It uses specific broad spectrum coloured light that is directed at the skin surface, penetrates deep into the skin and selectively acts on subcutaneous pigments or blood vessels to break down pigmentation, close abnormal capillaries and stimulate subcutaneous collagen production. Usually after 1-3 treatments, very significant results are achieved.

IPL photorejuvenation is the penetration of intense pulsed light into the deeper layers of the skin, selectively acting on the pigments and blood vessels under the skin, breaking down pigmentation and closing abnormal capillaries without damaging the normal skin, thus achieving the effect of treating pigmentation and capillary dilation. It also stimulates collagen production under the skin and reorganises the existing collagen tissue, resulting in shrinking pores, reducing wrinkles and restoring skin elasticity.

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Advantages of IPL skin rejuvenation treatment

The IPL skin treatment machine has many advantages, as it does not require any incision and is minimally invasive, using a good non-invasive technology that does not cause any pain or side effects. The IPL skin rejuvenation treatment is also cost-effective, with long-lasting results and relatively low risk, which can be said to be more advantageous than even injectable plastic surgery.

Indications for IPL

1. Anti-ageing of the face, skin tightening and wrinkle removal.

2. Improve dull skin, shrink pores, remove freckles, chloasma, age spots and other pigmented spots.

3. Improve acne pigmentation and scars, balance sebum differentiation and refine pores.

4. Eye treatment, improve dark circles, eye bags, lighten eye wrinkles, lift sagging eyes.

5. Anti-ageing treatment for the neck, lifting sagging skin and reducing wrinkles.


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