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BestView Laser Corporate Promotional Video

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Our name has three meanings.

1: Product function positioning

Get the best results for your skin with our products.

2: The emotional value we can provide

Beauty can bring people confidence, and self-confidence from the inside out makes you the most beautiful scenery. Bestview Laser hopes to accompany you to discover a better self.

3: Our spirit

We hope that our enterprises will maintain the spirit of continuous climbing and stand at the top to see the most beautiful scenery.


Bestview Laser has been committed to the sales of medical aesthetic optoelectronic equipment for 13 years. Since 2017, it has focused on independent research and development of medical and aesthetic optoelectronic equipment, and some equipment has achieved breakthroughs in localization.


The company has independently developed a series of products such as ND YAG Q-switched laser, 1064 nm long pulse laser, 755 nm alexandrite long pulse laser, 2940 nm erbium laser, 1064&532 nm picosecond laser and other products.


Relevant technical indicators have reached the leading level in the country. So far, the company has obtained 12 CE and FDA certification certificates, and has more than 100 relevant intellectual property certificates and invention patents.


With product capabilities comparable to the world's first-class photoelectric beauty equipment and deep industry experience in the export and trade of medical beauty equipment, Bestview Laser's self-developed equipment has been exported to more than 70 countries and regions, with more than 3,000 photoelectric equipment distributed around the world, serving more than 10 million people worldwide. 


Bestview Laser's brand values:

Innovation: Innovation is the core competitiveness of products.

Reliable: reliable quality and reliable service.

Efficient: fast response, efficient work within limited time.

Excellence: Never stop pursuing excellence.


From raw material inspection to production, from assembly process to production process inspection, from packaging process to logistics and transportation, we adhere to the principle of rigorous and meticulous work in every link. Strictly control product quality. Good product quality is the cornerstone of the sustainable development of an enterprise. Integrate ingenuity into daily life and convey responsibility through details.


Creating beauty, radiating beauty and retaining beauty is our mission.


It is our vision to be the world's biggest medical aesthetic optoelectronics company.


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