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Bestview Laser held a production systematic promotion meeting

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The establishment of a sound, efficient and safe production system is the urgent needs faced by the production, but also the strategic requirements of the efficient operation of enterprises. Bestview Laser held a meeting to promote the production system on 26th September. The meeting was presided over by Liu Penglong, deputy general manager, and relevant persons in charge of process department, quality department and production workshop attended the meeting. process department, quality department and production workshop attended the meeting.

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The promotion meeting mainly discusses the problems encountered in the promotion of the current production system, gives solutions and formulates the goals to be achieved in the next stage of the production system. system to achieve in the next stage. Each department in the meeting listed the production process problems, product testing problems and personnel training problems that they are currently facing. Identifying problems is a good start, but more importantly, we need to have the ability to solve problems. In the meeting, we actively discussed and gave reasonable suggestions on production process, personnel equipments and other aspects gave reasonable suggestions.

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The meeting put forward the next step for the refinement of the production line, the refinement of the production process, personnel responsibility for the improvement measures. Strengthen personnel training, improve production safety awareness, norms and quality control awareness. The meeting confirmed the time nodes of the programme and the main topics of the next promotion meeting, so as to promote the standardization of the production system with nodes and plans.

Production systemisation is a constant battle that concerns every employee associated with the production process. A good production system can improve employee work efficiency, protect the staff production safety, so that enterprises in the production process to reduce costs and increase efficiency. In the future work, we should unify our thoughts, raise our awareness, and help the construction of production systemisation. knowledge, and help the production systematic construction to land.


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