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COSMOPROF Asia, as the leading B2B event for the cosmetic industry in the Asia-Pacific region, was held in Hong Kong this November.

beauty laser machine

BVLASER BESTVIEW is a professional laser beauty machine supplier of aesthetic and medical machines, with rich experience and sale passion, took part in Cosmoprof Hong Kong. More leading and selling machines were shared with our clients, for example, diode laser hair removal machine (vertical and portable), CO2 laser beauty machine (vertical and portable), China picosecond laser beauty machine (vertical and portable), 360°Surrounding Cryolipolysis machines (vertical and portable), SHR+Nd:YAG Laser Machine, and six self-developed laser Generators, which is the first time to market. 

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Signing The Contract With Customers

When the contract is signed during COSMOPROF Asia, the customers will get the biggest discount. Because of the large factory of 3,000 square meters, it can greatly shorten the production cycle.

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Take photos with customers to memory the wonderful moment

What a wonderful day! Our products are recognized and purchased by more and more customers. This will be our biggest reward and the inexhaustible power of our continuous research and development of new products.

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laser beauty machine

BVLASER BESTVIEW is the serious supplier of beauty laser machines for sale from China, providing professional machines and systematic after-sales service to our professional partners, which is the reason why we can receive more achievement and support. 

If you prefer to know about us, you can visit our factory freely and contact us any time. You will get better machines and warm service from us.


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