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CO2 fractional laser facial treatment

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The CO2 fractional laser treatment machine is a type of laser that can be used to treat scars and wrinkles by stimulating the skin with the CO2 laser. The fractional CO2 laser for acne scars can instantly irradiate the subcutaneous fat of the melanin through the thermal energy of the laser, which can dissolve the melanin and discharge it out of the body to remove the pigmentation.

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What is the CO2 Fractional Laser

The CO2 fractional laser is a molecular laser, the main substance of which is the carbon dioxide molecule. As with other gas lasers, the CO2 laser treatment machine works on a more complex principle and its stimulated emission process. It can be understood as a laser that is excited from CO2 gas in a special device.

A CO2 fractional laser equipment is a CO2 laser that is emitted in a fractional style. To use a torch analogy, the normal opening is a large light spot, the fractional mode is to mask a screen in front, the large light spot pattern remains unchanged, but is divided into a small light spot (the real fractional is not the cutting of the large beam, is made into a fractional when launched). The millimetre and centimetre beams are made into micron-sized micro-beams.

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CO2 fractional laser spots removal precautions

Some people will choose to use concealing cosmetics to temporarily cover up the spots, while others will choose the CO2 fractional laser spot removal method, so what are the precautions for doing laser spot removal?

In a regular laser spot treatment, the professional doctor should set the laser energy and treatment parameters according to the nature of each person's skin and different parts of the face, and adjust them every time, so as to ensure that the treatment is safe and effective. Therefore, laser spot treatment should be done in a professional beauty institute and operated by professional staff.

1. After the CO2 laser treatment, there will be a slight burning sensation and a slight reddening of the skin at the treatment area, which is a normal reaction. If necessary, a local cold compress can be applied for 10-15 minutes to relieve or eliminate the redness and heat.

2. It is advisable to cleanse the skin with cold water on the day after treatment and use moisturising sunscreen skin care products.

3. Very few people may experience crusting, blistering or temporary pigmentation changes after treatment. If this occurs, please cooperate with the doctor for appropriate treatment.

4. Please take care of sun protection during treatment.

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Treatment areas of CO2 fractional laser

1. Anti-ageing: sagging skin, eye bags, acne (pimple) marks.

2. Newly revitalised skin: new skin replacement and regeneration. All kinds of wrinkles (forehead lines, frown lines, wrinkles around the eyes, wrinkles around the mouth).

3. Scar treatment: all kinds of scar (trauma scar, burn scar, suture scar and other depressed scar).

4. Pigmented lesions: freckles, age spots, etc.

5. Vascular lesions: fine vessel hyperplasia, rosacea, etc.


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