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CO2 fractional laser machine is a medical beauty project with acne scar effect

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I believe that acne has appeared in most of my friends. To be honest, it is not difficult to get rid of acne. However, the stubborn acne marks after the acne dissipates is the problem that makes many friends helpless. CO2 fractional laser scar removal equipment is one of the few medical beauty projects that can play the role of removing acne scars. While it has received a lot of attention, people are more unfamiliar and unfamiliar with it. So this article, Bvlaser will talk about the relevant knowledge of CO2 fractional laser machine.

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What is CO2 Fractional Laser

Before understanding the fractional carbon dioxide laser therapy, I think we first need to have a certain understanding of the large-scale medical and aesthetic projects of the fractional laser. Fractional laser is not a new laser beauty device, but a working mode, usually refers to that the diameter of the laser beam is below 500um, and it is arranged in a regular lattice at the same time. This mode of laser is called a lattice laser.

The CO2 fractional laser is a mode in the fractional laser, the full name is called super pulse ablation CO2 fractional laser. The energy it releases is very great, and it can instantly heat the water molecules in the subcutaneous tissue to 100 degrees or even higher, thereby vaporizing the old epidermis and acne scars of the skin tissue, and then achieving the improvement effect.

The instantaneous release of carbon dioxide fractional laser energy is huge, but in fact, it does less damage to the surrounding cells and tissues, mainly because of its high precision. Usually, the skin damage will recover on its own in about 3-5 days after treatment. Due to the high energy, the effect is complete, which also means that the probability of side effects such as coloration is easily caused by traditional lasers, and the treatment effect is more significant.

fractional carbon dioxide laser therapy

Classification of fractional lasers

In general, in clinical practice, fractional lasers are often divided into two categories according to whether they cause damage to epidermal tissue: ablative fractional lasers and non-ablative fractional lasers.

1. Ablative fractional laser

Ablative fractional lasers commonly include CO2 fractional lasers with a wavelength of 10600nm, etc. The principle of action has also been mentioned above. It will cause certain damage to the epidermal tissue where it is applied, but strong irritation also means strong efficacy. Suitable for the improvement of moderate to severe acne pits.

2. Non-ablative fractional laser

Non-ablative fractional lasers often include Fraxel fractional lasers, etc. The biggest difference from fractional lasers is that they basically do damage to the epidermis during the treatment process, and will not cause side effects such as scabbing. This means that its therapeutic effect is relatively poor.

fractional carbon dioxide laser therapy

How to choose a fractional laser

First of all, the most critical point we need to realize is that we are not the professional group, but we can seek professional help, that is, how to choose? The most reliable way is to go to a regular medical institution and judge by a professional doctor.

At the same time, when the laser energy reaches a certain level, photothermal conversion will be carried out to form a thermal effect. It will stimulate the contraction of collagen in the subcutaneous tissue, resulting in denaturation, and then convert it into new collagen. To put it bluntly, it can promote the regeneration of collagen tissue, so as to realize the replacement of old skin with new skin and improve it.

Fractional carbon dioxide laser therapy is mainly used in: improving acne and scars, removing wrinkles; treating pigmented lesions, firming skin, removing acne pits, etc.

Due to the huge energy of fractional laser, it is not suitable for small partners with the following conditions: those with scar constitution; those with serious underlying diseases; those in special periods such as pregnancy; those with photosensitivity constitution, etc.

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Postoperative Nursing of CO2 Fractional Laser Treatment

Proper preoperative and postoperative care is the key to achieving the best results. The preoperative care of fractional laser mainly includes: 14 days before the operation, do not expose to the sun, do a good job of sun protection; 7 days before the operation, do not drink alcohol, avoid taking anti-inflammatory drugs; 7 days before the operation, it is forbidden to apply skin care products (the main ingredients include vitamins A), irritating operations such as acid brushing are prohibited.

The correct postoperative care mainly includes: it is forbidden to touch the affected area with your hands after the operation, because the skin is still damaged at this time to avoid bacterial infection; some small partners may be accompanied by slight swelling and pain after the operation, and local ice can be applied. It is a normal reaction to be relieved by compress; it may be accompanied by a slight burning sensation within two days after the operation, which can be relieved by cold compress. If the pain is unbearable, contact the operating doctor in time for active intervention and treatment.

Strictly abide by the doctor's advice and insist on changing the dressing after surgery; some small partners may experience pigmentation side effects, which usually resolve spontaneously within 3-6 months, or contact the doctor with drugs to accelerate the remission; within 3 months after surgery, avoid Sun exposure, be sure to take sun protection measures when going out.

co2 fractional laser scar removal equipment

The treatment effect of CO2 fractional laser is very significant. If you want to know fractional co2 laser machine price and more information, welcome inquiry!


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