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CO2 fractional laser treatment facial skin problems

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Acne, pigmentation and wrinkles are the three major facial skin problems that plague many women. Many women have thus become people who do not go out without make-up, for no other reason than the large pores on their faces and pore pockmarks that are more visible than in boys. CO2 fractional laser treatment for facial skin problems is highly effective.

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Advantages of CO2 fractional laser treatment

CO2 fractional laser is a common cosmetic treatment, commonly used for skin treatments such as mole removal, flat warts, acne pit scars, and also for facial rejuvenation such as wrinkle reduction, it is a minimally invasive laser treatment technique. Traditional laser treatments have a long recovery period and are more damaging, while the ultrapulse CO2 laser, which has the significant effect of ablative treatment, has the advantage of non-ablative treatment with a short recovery period and less damage.

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Treatment principle of CO2 fractional laser

The CO2 full face laser resurfacing uses laser light to selectively act on the lesion, emitting a hair-thin matrix of laser light, which directly penetrates into the dermis, thus activating the skin repair mechanism, stimulating the dermal collagen growth and reorganisation, thus achieving better results, rebuilding the dermal framework, removing wrinkles, smoothing scars and reducing pores.

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Types of skin that can be treated with the CO2 laser

1. Scars: trauma scars, acne scars, etc.

2. Flat warts, sweat duct tumours, benign skin tumours.

3. Skin wrinkles, pores, stretch marks, actinic keratosis/lipitis.

4. Nail fungus and other foot treatments etc.

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CO2 fractional laser treatment procedure

1. Epidermal peeling reconstruction

When the energy density and pulse width of the CO2 laser reaches a certain value, a single CO 2 laser pulse can exfoliate and vaporise 20um of skin tissue.

2. Stimulation of collagen renewal

If the laser is fired in a scanning fractional fashion, a burn zone is created on the epidermis consisting of laser action fractions and intervals, and the laser penetrates directly into the dermis at each point, instantly vaporising the epidermis and stimulating collagen production, which in turn initiates a series of biological reactions such as dermal repair and collagen rearrangement.

3. Causes contraction of collagen fibres

Collagen fibres also contract by about one third under the action of the laser, resulting in a tightening effect.


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