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CO2 fractional laser treatment stimulates skin self-healing

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CO2 laser beauty machine can improve the effect of enlarged pores and tighten the skin. To do CO2 fractional laser treatment, you must choose a professional doctor to operate, which can reduce the damage to the skin. Through the powerful energy generated by the CO2 laser, it can stimulate the cells in the skin to contract and promote the growth of collagen and collagen fibres under the skin, thus improving the enlarged pores, making the skin delicate and smooth, and also delaying the aging of the skin. It is important to take good care of the skin after the procedure.

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Fractional CO2 laser resurfacing is suitable for

1. For sagging skin, eye bags, acne, various kinds of scars including trauma scar, burn scar, stitch scar, pigmentation, ichthyosis, chicken skin disease, red blood, etc.

2. Pigmented lesions, including freckles, sun spots, age spots, chloasma, etc. and vascular lesions, capillary hyperplasia and rosacea, etc.

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CO2 fractional laser treatment efficacy

1. Avoid thermal damage

Fractional CO2 laser resurfacing can effectively avoid side effects such as thermal damage, and at the same time can promote skin healing, making up for the shortage of treatment techniques that require a long recovery period, taking care of the specific requirements of each patient, and is suitable for all kinds of wrinkles, including forehead lines, frown lines, wrinkles around the eyes, wrinkles around the mouth, neck lines, abdominal stretch marks, etc.

2. Stimulating skin self-healing

The CO2 fractional laser is used to punch more microscopic holes in the skin, forming thermal damage in the skin layer, including thermal exfoliation, thermal coagulation and thermal effects, thus causing a series of skin biochemical reactions, stimulating the skin to self-repair, achieving skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, removing pigmentation, and part of the normal skin can be safeguarded to speed up skin recovery. Usually after 4-5 days of treatment, you can live and work normally, treating acne and scarring and eliminating pigmentation.

3. Repair scar

It has a greater effect on scarring, which can destroy the fibroblastic structure of the scar and promote the reorganization and regeneration of the fibroblastic structure to smooth out the scar.

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As mentioned above, there are contraindications to CO2 fractional laser treatment, including severe diabetes, high blood pressure, pregnancy, breastfeeding and allergy to light. Patients need to pay attention to wound protection and good care after treatment. Growth factor drugs can be used to promote wound healing and speed up tissue repair. If you want to know CO2 fractional laser equipment price, welcome inquiry!


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