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Do you know about cryolipolysis fat freezing slimming machine?

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Cryolipolysis fat freezing slimming machine is a precise, safe and effective method of weight loss and cosmetic. It uses low temperature to freeze and solidify local fat and then metabolise it, thus eliminating unwanted fat and restoring the perfect lines of the body. As people's standard of living increases, they have become more and more demanding in terms of their appearance, which is why cryolipolysis has become more and more popular. In this article, we will introduce the procedure, results and possible risks and side effects of cryolipolysis, hoping to provide readers with some valuable information and insights to help you choose a cosmetic procedure that better suits your needs.

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Principles of cryolipolysis

Cryolipolysis is performed by freezing fat cells at a temperature below zero degrees in order to rupture the fat cells. This method is based on the fact that fat cells are more sensitive to temperature than the surrounding normal cells and are able to break down and metabolise at very low temperatures. This temperature does not affect the intercellular structures and muscle tissue, ensuring normal body function after treatment, while also removing up to 25% or more of localised subcutaneous fat in a single operation.

Cryolipolysis loosens the fat cells and forces them into a frozen state by applying a specific period of low temperature prior to freezing and coagulation, which causes the surrounding tissue to be loosened by instantaneous vaporisation. During the subsequent coagulation process, the fat cells are forced to rupture, releasing the lipids and entering into a metabolic process.

In just a few weeks, the fat cells are absorbed and broken down by the body's natural metabolic fluids and these broken down fat cells are removed forever, making the results of cryolipolysis completely reliable. Of course, as fat cells continue to divide and differentiate, the effects of cryolipolysis will gradually disappear over the years if no changes are made to the diet or exercise.

Technically speaking, cryolipolysis is one of the most advanced and invasive techniques to eliminate localised fat with certainty. It is worth noting that the results of cryolipolysis are not affected by age, skin colour or gender, and anyone who is eligible can experience its excellent cosmetic results. Cryolipolysis is also very popular among consumers as it is a non-surgical fat reduction method that causes minimal trauma and wounds to the body.

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Who is cryolipolysis suitable for?

Cryolipolysis can be used for many different people, but it is not suitable for everyone. Firstly, people with diseases of the liver, kidneys, immune system, blood vessels and other vital organs should avoid cryolipolysis. Secondly, pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as patients undergoing treatment for malignant tumours should also be careful to avoid this cosmetic procedure.

Finally, cryolipolysis should also be avoided in adolescents who are developing and have an increased number of fat cells. Readers considering cryolipolysis should first consult a medical professional for specific advice.

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The procedure of cryolipolysis

The procedure of cryolipolysis fat freeze treatment can be divided into three stages: pre-treatment, surgical operation and post-operative care.

1. Pre-treatment phase

Before cryolipolysis is performed, the patient needs to undergo certain preparations. Firstly, the patient needs to undergo a full body examination to ensure that he/she is fit for cryolipolysis. Secondly, the patient needs to undergo a final disinfection and preparation, including shaving, disinfection and medication. Finally, the patient will need to have a detailed conversation with the specialist about what to look out for before the treatment, such as fasting and abstaining from water.

2. Surgical operation phase

The surgical operation process of cryolipolysis mainly includes the following steps:

(1) Positioning: The doctor positions the instrument precisely on the area where cryolipolysis is required.

(2) Suction: The surgeon uses a specialised suction device to lift the area to be cryolipolysed.

(3) Freezing: The doctor inserts a catheter through the adsorber into the area and uses the high-pressure crystal inside the catheter to freeze the area.

(4) Lysis: After the freezing action, the doctor uses low temperature heat to lyse the fat cells in the area.

(5) Removal: After the fat cells have been dissolved, the surgeon uses specialist tools to remove the dissolved fat cells and allow them to disappear naturally.

3. Post-operative care phase

The post-operative care process of cryolipolysis consists of the following main aspects:

(1) Use of medication: The doctor will prescribe anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving medication as needed to help patients relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

(2) Massage: The doctor will give the patient a massage programme after the cryolipolysis treatment to help eliminate local discomfort.

(3) Hydration: The doctor will advise the patient to drink more water after cryolipolysis treatment to help the body better flush out metabolic waste.

(4) Wearing a compression garment: Patients will be advised to wear a compression garment after treatment to help reduce swelling and restore the local shape of the body.

Overall, cryolipolysis is a relatively safe and easy procedure, but it does require a degree of recovery and care for the patient. The doctor will follow up with the patient after the treatment to ensure that the results are good and that there are no unnecessary risks associated with the treatment.

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Possible risks and side effects of cryolipolysis

Cryolipolysis can be effective in reducing localised fat and improving the aesthetics of the body in a short period of time, but there are some potential risks and side effects. Therefore, before opting for cryolipolysis, patients need to understand the potential risks and adverse effects in detail and consider whether this is a suitable option for them based on their body type and condition. It is also essential to have a thorough physical assessment and professional medical advice prior to treatment. Finally, post-treatment diet, maintenance and exercise are all important to help patients better maintain their cosmetic results after the procedure.

Cryolipolysis is a popular cosmetic fat reduction method for those who need localised fat reduction, with the advantages of precise targeting and safety and reliability. Overall, the results of cryolipolysis are in most cases quite impressive and allow many people to easily shape their bodies in a short period of time. However, when choosing cryolipolysis, it is important to consider the potential risks and side effects.

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In conclusion, cryolipolysis is relatively targeted for body contouring and can be used to achieve fat loss quickly. However, it is important to be fully aware and assess the potential risks, to choose the right method for you and to take care of your body after treatment to achieve better results. If you want to buy cryolipolysis slimming machine, welcome inquiry us!


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