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Do you know about picosecond laser skin treatment?

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Laser plays a great role in removing pigmentation and redness from the skin. However, the pulse width of the previous laser was relatively long, and such a laser caused a little damage to the surrounding tissue. Later, on this basis, the picosecond laser machine was invented. A picosecond is a unit of time that can break down melanin particles in a short period of time, greatly reducing damage to surrounding tissue.

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Anything need to pay attention to when doing a picosecond aesthetic laser

It is very important to diagnose skin problems before proceeding with picosecond laser treatment. Doctors need to make judgments based on experience and instrument diagnosis results, and then make corresponding treatment.

After picosecond aesthetic laser treatment, there may be flushing and uneven rashes on the skin, which are normal. You can wash your face the next day after the laser, but try to wash your face with water instead of rubbing it back and forth with facial cleanser. If after the treatment of scab, we need to wait until the scab fades, then we can wash our face with facial cleanser.

After washing your face, use some moisturizing skin care products, such as moisturizing lotions and medical repair dressings. In addition, after the picosecond laser is completed, it is necessary to avoid food.

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What do I need to do after a picosecond laser? Will it go back to black?

After the picosecond aesthetic laser treatment, be sure to follow the doctor's advice and do strict sun protection and care. If you have strictly paid attention to nursing, and you still have anti-blackness, you may be a person with pigmentation constitution, or the doctor may be unprofessional and unreasonable when choosing parameters.

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Is it possible to recover after returning to black?

Pigmentation can be metabolized. During this period, you need to take sun protection measures, such as using an umbrella, wearing a sun hat, and regularly reapplying sunscreen. At the same time, you can also do some phototherapy projects or fruit acid peels to promote pigment metabolism.

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How many times does the picosecond laser need to be done?

Picosecond laser can improve pigment-related diseases, whiten spots, and improve uneven skin tone. The advantage of picosecond laser is that it can solve problems that cosmetic lasers cannot solve, such as refractory pigmentation, etc.

Currently, more and more people are using picosecond lasers to treat skin surface problems. Because the instrument of picosecond laser is relatively expensive, the price of picosecond laser is also higher. If you have mild skin problems, you can do ordinary laser if your budget is not enough, and you can also achieve the corresponding curative effect.

Doing picoseconds is a tutorial, not just doing it once. In the early stage of picosecond laser treatment, it can be done once a month, and after three times of treatment, it can be done once every 3-4 months to give the skin a good metabolic cycle and improve the skin in an all-round way.

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