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FDA Approved ultrasound HIFU beauty machine

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HIFU High Intensity Focused Ultrasound machine that focuses the ultrasound on a single point to generate high energy to stimulate the proliferation and reorganization of collagen in the muscle fascia layer. The full name of the SMAS is the Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System, which refers to a layer of muscle fascia tissue on the cheeks, which is an important lifting key that will be treated during the skin pulling operation. Ultrasonic wave released by polar sonic lift (focused ultrasound) can directly reach the skin, muscle and fascia layer. The treatment depth is 1.5mm dermis layer, 3mm subcutaneous tissue, 4.5mm muscle fascia layer, and the focused energy becomes tiny "hot spots". The temperature under the skin can reach 65 ℃ ~ 70 ℃, which will stimulate the body’s self-renewal mechanism and stimulate the proliferation of collagen.

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HIFU treatment machine steps

1. The registered doctor will conduct detailed consultation based on your skin condition, loose parts, physical condition, facial contour, etc., and determine the most suitable number of polar lines and sound waves to be applied to the face. In order to better cooperate with the treatment, the nurse or therapist will explain to the client the contents of the Ulthera treatment consent form item by item, and both parties sign and confirm. (Time: about 30-40 minutes)

2. Guests are requested to take close-up photos of the front and side in the filming room and keep them on file. The photos of the guests are for the privacy of the guests and are only used for the comparison between the guests and the clinic before and after the treatment. (Time: about 5 minutes)

3. The registered nurse/therapist will clean the treatment area for the client first, and then the client can choose to apply a small amount of anesthetic ointment on the face and chin and neck (if needed) to be treated. Since there is a slight heat or tingling sensation during focused ultrasound treatment, applying anesthesia ointment can reduce discomfort during the treatment. The anesthetic ointment has a mild effect, does not harm the skin and has no side effects. After the course of treatment, the anesthetic effect will dissipate quickly. (Time: about 30-45 minutes)

4. The registered doctor will draw a mark on the client's face with a medical marker, and design the wire harness trend and application quantity of the polar line sound wave in advance according to the distribution of fat and muscle, so as to ensure that the area that needs to be improved can be accurately treated. (Time: about 5-8 minutes)

5. Before the ultrasound HIFU beauty machine treatment operation, the doctor will also refer to the facial measurement and analysis of the Ulthera computer to comprehensively confirm the number of lines required for the treatment. We use ultrasonic transducers (Transducer) with two depths of 3mm and 4.5mm for different parts of the face, so as to achieve precise and maximum lifting effect. The registered doctor applies the gel to the treatment area. For focused ultrasound treatment, the gel must be applied to see the muscle and fascia layer through perspective. First, a smooth probe is placed on the client's skin to inspect the deep tissue of the skin, and then the probe is placed at the correct skin depth to emit focused ultrasound. The physician's expertise in facial tissue structure and manipulation will ensure that extraneous blood vessels and nerves are avoided during epipolar sonication. During the course of treatment, the doctor will also communicate the treatment effect with the client, and the client will see a real-time comparison of the improvement effect. Finally, when the number of treatment lines has reached the specified number, the Ulthera machine will automatically remind, and the entire treatment will be completed. (Time: about 60-90 minutes, depending on the size of the part where the ultrara is done)

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How does HIFU treatment feel like

The feeling of pain varies from person to person, and the patient may experience a little discomfort, such as the feeling of being pricked by needles, and pain in areas lacking fat such as the chin and forehead.

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Are there any side effects after HIFU treatment?

Slight redness, red marks on the chin or neck and other thin skin areas may occur for several hours after SMAS hifu machine treatment, mild tingling and may be minimal in some areas Measure the white spots. These are normal and temporary reactions caused by the heat generated by the focused ultrasound to make the skin feel uncomfortable. There will be no scabs, no wounds, and no impact on life. It varies from person to person. Makeup can be applied immediately after treatment. Be careful not to massage vigorously when you cleanse your face for a few days after you finish.

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Who is HIFU treatment not suitable for?

1. Open wounds or lesions on the face.

2. Severe cystic acne on the face and neck.

3. If there are implants in the mechanical room, swollen scars of crab feet, and implanted electronic devices (pacemakers, steel nails, etc.).

4. Pregnant or breastfeeding women, children.

5. Bleeding diseases or coagulation disorders, herpes simplex, autoimmune diseases, temporary facial paralysis, active local diseases affecting wound healing.

6. If the skin is filled with fillers (autologous fat, hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin, collagen, etc.), it will take about three months to do it. When the heat spreads over the injection site, it will accelerate the metabolism and make the injected drug disappear. In addition, if the quality of the filler is not high or genuine, it is easy to cause lesions after sonication, usually after three months.

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What should be contraindicated before the HIFU treatment course

1. Drugs: blood thinning drugs, antibiotics.

2. Avoid open wounds, skin lesions or cystic acne on the treatment site.

3. If the treatment area has received any filling injection, thread embedding, surgery, etc. within half a year, you need to inform the doctor.

4. If there are implants within the treatment range, you need to inform the doctor.

5. Treatment is not recommended for patients with heart disease, equipped with cardiac rhythm regulators or pregnant women.

6. Use mild cleansing products on the treatment area before treatment, do not use any cream, lotion, foundation or powder foundation product on the treatment area.

7. For 3 days before treatment, avoid using topical drugs such as A acid, glycolic acid, and salicylic acid to avoid irritation to the skin.

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How long does it take for the effects to appear after HIFU treatment?

About one month after the ultrasound HIFU beauty machine treatment, the underlying collagen begins to proliferate actively, and the effect peaks after 2 to 3 months, and the effect of one treatment can be maintained for an average of 6 to 12 months. In principle, most patients who receive treatment can feel the obvious effect of skin tightening and lifting after one treatment. However, due to the difference in skin condition, relaxation and personal needs of each person, individual effects will vary. It is recommended to return for a follow-up visit for a month. The doctor can help observe and follow up the progress of the treatment, and cooperate to consolidate and refine the overall effect.


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