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HIFU beauty anti-aging maintains rejuvenation

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HIFU beauty anti-aging, resists the signs of aging, and always keeps young. Utrasound HIFU beauty machine uses the principle of high-energy focusing of sound waves to focus the energy on a point, and accurately transmits the energy to the SMAS fascia layer. It is a non-invasive therapy. Let the loose fascia layer shrink and tighten, and stimulate the proliferation of collagen to achieve the effect of lifting and tightening layer by layer.

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The traditional facelift surgery requires the treatment of the SMAS tissue layer by open surgery, which is an invasive method. In order to improve the displacement of the SMAS tissue layer, it cannot be achieved through daily maintenance. In the past, the medical technology was not as developed as it is today. Most people can only choose the surgical treatment method, and the treatment period and postoperative recovery period are long.

The SMAS layer, the superficial fascia layer, is a thin film of the superficial fascia of the face that connects the subcutaneous fat and the superficial muscles of the face, and is fixed on the bones of the face, covering the cheek and cheek line, and continuing down to the neck.

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The three stages of skin aging

1. First sight of aging: (25~35 years old)

Facial aging manifestations: dry skin, fine lines around the eyes, large pores.

2. Wrinkle breeding: (35~45 years old)

Facial aging manifestations: sagging eyelids, crow's feet, nasolabial folds.

3. Facial sagging: (45~55 years old)

Facial aging manifestations: aging around the eyes, sagging of the face, hyperplasia of neck lines.

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Which HIFU machine is the best

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1. The best temperature protection, 68-72 degrees, is the most suitable for collagen regeneration.

2. The most accurate positioning of energy placement, targeted positioning, and repair of aging.

3. Multiple treatment heads can be used for multi-level treatment of the skin, tightening every inch of the skin.

4. The most precise depth, deep effect, ideal effect.

5. The treatment time is short, about 50 minutes.

6. No anesthesia, no pain, no damage, the treatment process is more comfortable.

7. There is no recovery period, you can put on makeup and go to work immediately after treatment.

8. Long-term firming and contouring, the effect can be maintained for 3-5 years.

Who is suitable for HIFU treatment

HIFU beauty does not have many restrictions on the use of age groups, but for 40-50 years old with skin aging and sagging skin lines or under 40 years old with premature aging, the effect of ultrasonic HIFU beauty machine is better.

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Advantages of Ultrasound HIFU Beauty Machine

A firming lift, instead of a surgical facelift, is non-invasive to treat the SMAS layer during a surgical facelift. No surgery, no surgery, no redness, no swelling, no recovery period, and no impact on work and life.

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