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What is the principle of HIFU ultrasound machine for relieving aging and firming skin?

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HIFU is the abbreviation of high intensity focused ultrasound. It uses focused ultrasound energy to accurately inject the dermis, subcutaneous tissue, and SMAS (facial superficial aponeurotic system) fascia layer of the skin to increase the temperature of the target site and initiate collagen regeneration and firming. There are two keys to HIFU skin tightening machine treatment: depth and temperature. It breaks through the previous limitations and is the first device that can treat the depth of SMAS in a non-invasive way. Today, Bvlaser medical beauty machinery for everyone to popularize the relevant knowledge and common problems of HIFU ultrasound machine.

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What are the treatment characteristics of HIFU ultrasonic machine?

1. The best temperature guarantee, 68-72 degrees, is most suitable for collagen regeneration.

2. The most accurate positioning of energy placement, targeted positioning, and repair of aging.

3. Multiple treatment heads can be used for multi-level treatment of the skin to tighten every inch of skin.

4. The most accurate depth, deep effect, ideal effect.

5. The treatment time is short, about 50 minutes.

6. No anesthesia, no pain, no damage, and the treatment process is more comfortable.

7. There is no recovery period, and you can put on makeup and go to work immediately after treatment.

8. Long-acting firming contour lift, the effect can be maintained for 3-5 years.

The effect of HIFU ultrasound is particularly good. Is it permanent effective after one treatment?

Although the lifting effect of HIFU beauty machine can be immediate, and continue to regenerate, the long-term effect is about 3-5 years on average. However, the process of human aging is irreversible. With the increase of age, the loss of collagen, and the degree of daily maintenance, it will affect the time and effect of the later maintenance. No device or product can achieve a permanent treatment effect, but in contrast, HIFU ultrasound machine is indeed a method worth choosing.

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Is HIFU Ultrasound Especially Painful?

Under the operation of professional aesthetic therapists, HIFU ultrasound treatment will not cause obvious pain. Very few people may experience slight discomfort and pain due to their own perception, so there is no need to worry.

Just use advanced skin care products, no need to do HIFU ultrasonic treatment?

Wrinkles are divided into two types, deep lines and fine lines, that is, true wrinkles and false wrinkles. False wrinkles are superficial and occur with changes in facial expressions, and can be improved to a certain extent through long-term use of skin care products. With age, collagen is lost, and the supporting fibrous structure of the dermis layer weakens, causing the skin to relax and form depressions on the skin surface, that is, true wrinkles. No skin care products, micro-plastic filling, and beauty equipment can replace HIFU ultrasonic machine to fundamentally solve aging problems such as skin sagging and sagging from the SMAS layer. HIFU ultrasonic machine is an advanced high-tech beauty technology.

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Suitable for all skin aging wrinkle rejuvenation people?

In fact, there is no medical aesthetic technology that is suitable for everyone, and HIFU ultrasound machine is the same. The following types of people are not suitable for HIFU beauty machine: If you are over 70 years old and your skin is severely sagging, I don't think HIFU ultrasound is right for you anymore. They need more remodeling of the skeletal support structure. Pregnant women, patients with severe heart disease and diabetes, such people should choose a suitable beauty plan under the guidance of a doctor.

There will be dependencies, you need to use it all the time, or will it rebound?

Actually this doesn't happen. The immediate effect of HIFU ultrasound treatment is only about 20%, and the wrinkles have not been completely faded. As time goes on, the collagen will continue to be regenerated, and the skin condition will gradually become tender and plump. During the course of treatment, through proper maintenance and a good life habits, the effect will be maintained steadily, the average level is 3-5 years, or even more. After the treatment period, the skin will gradually return to its natural aging rate. Therefore, multiple treatments must be more durable and stable than single treatment.

After HIFU ultrasound treatment, will there be stiff facial expressions that are difficult to enrich?

HIFU ultrasound treatment is different from micro-plastic surgery such as injection, just like traditional facelift surgery, it is to lift and tighten the SMAS layer in the original state of the skin. It is precise and does not hurt other surrounding tissues, and it will not affect the movement of the facial muscles. It is very safe.

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Are there many adverse side effects of HIFU ultrasound machine?

A beautiful thing will always cause people to talk about it. However, according to international authoritative data, the use of ultrasound energy has a good record, and it has been used in medical imaging technology for more than 50 years. In addition, HIFU ultrasound machine therapy has been approved by the FDA after clinical safety research, and has been implemented all over the world. Tens of thousands of treatments have never been shown to have side effects.

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