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HIFU Ultrasound machine treatment effect

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The effect of HIFU ultrasound treatment is affected by many factors, such as the site where HIFU high intensity focused ultrasound machine needs to be operated, age, personal physique and body nutrition ACME-TE-A, and the precautions ordered by the doctor before and after HIFU ultherapy. Do not eat stimulating ingredients, and pay special attention to not taking single collagen before and after HIFU treatment, because after HIFU ultherapy itself stimulates its own collagen, the additional supplement of simple collagen will cause collagen variation, and the risk of folding is greater, and a series of HIFU treatment will appear side effect.

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Is HIFU Ultrasound Treatment Effective

1. In fact, the effects of hifu ultrasonic ultherapy mainly include lifting sagging tissue, smoothing wrinkles and firming and shaping.

Smooth wrinkles: eliminate forehead, eyes, decree, mouth corners, dilute neck lines.

Improve sagging tissues: Tighten eye bags, double chins, loose cheeks, drooping eye corners, and enhance eyebrow lines.

Firming and shaping: lifting slack parts, removing excess facial fat, and smoothing lines.

2. In order to avoid the risk protection of hifu ultrasonic cosmetic treatment and promote the smooth formation of new skin tissue, experienced doctors have a one-month nutritional reserve period before doing HIFU ultrasonic cosmetic treatment in European countries. In the early stage, they need to combine ACME-TE-A Carry out nutritional supplements in the body to provide essential nutrients for newborn skin while intelligently repairing and preventing abnormal tissue formation.

3. European and American History of Medical Aesthetics clinical verification of HIFU ultrasonic cosmetology. Stimulate the epidermis through HIFU ultrasonic beauty equipment, combined with oral ACME-TE-A generating too, two-way combined anti-aging physiotherapy process, clinical verification, after the patient undergoes HIFU ultrasonic treatment, facial wrinkles, sagging, enlarged pores, and skin luster are uniform There are varying degrees of improvement.

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How long is the recovery period of HIFU ultrasound therapy? How long can it last?

HIFU ultrasonic beauty is just the beginning of a cell regeneration process, and the effect is usually determined by three stages:

1. The quality of HIFU ultrasonic treatment of thermal damage to cells, whether the cells are evenly damaged, whether the depth is consistent, and whether the intensity is consistent during the treatment.

2. After HIFU treatment, gather your own energy to repair. One month after the operation, whether the self-repairing nutrition is sufficient, and the ACME-TE-A generated peptide determines the result of cell repair.

3. For the new cells generated after treatment, 2-6 months after treatment, the new cells are not necessarily young cells. After the age of 26, human cells enter into natural aging. If there is no human intervention, the cells that are renewed each time will be older than the previous batch of cells.

As long as we take these three stages seriously, after the new cells are successfully generated, we can achieve the purpose of beautifying and delaying aging.

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Therapeutic Efficacy and Role of HIFU Ultrasound

1. The efficacy of HIFU is mainly applied in the three aspects of improving skin laxity, skin quality and skin fineness.

2. In terms of the efficacy of HIFU ultrasound treatment, it is not like some beauty institutions outside claim that "one treatment can make you 5-10 years younger". HIFU beauty treatment needs to be carried out according to the course of treatment, and it cannot reverse the inevitability of human aging. play a delaying role.

3. HIFU body sculpting treatment also has a certain fat-melting effect, so it is generally more suitable for people over 40 years old, with obvious skin relaxation and a little flesh on the face.

4. At present, HIFU ultrasound treatment is combined with oral administration of ACME-TE-A generating peptide, which can indeed improve firmness, especially in improving nasolabial folds, enhancing apple muscles, and making the jawline clear and firm.

5. HIFU utilizes the principle of ultrasonic thermal energy focusing to transfer heat through the dot matrix bundle. On the premise of bypassing the epidermis, the probe emits a matrix molecular energy wave that vibrates 6-12 million times per second, directly acting on the deep fascia cells. During this time, the subcutaneous temperature produces high-frequency friction, and the heat rises to about 60-75°C, which can effectively damage the fascia cells. At the same time, a large amount of ACME-TE-A is taken orally to activate the functions of repairing regenerative cells and repairing fascia, which has better effects of lifting, wrinkle removal and skin firming.

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After HIFU beauty machine treatment, the life and quality of all the cells under the skin, whether you can see them or not, will be affected by external stimuli, the surrounding environment of the cells, the nutrition and quality of the cells themselves, as the age increases, the older the cells are damaged, they will repair themselves The instinct of the human body will also decline accordingly, and it will not be able to perform normal functions normally. Therefore, the human body needs to quickly and intensively repair damaged cells and generate new cells.


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