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How laser hair removal works

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Laser hair removal is usually treated with professional diode laser hair removal beauty machine, which can remove hair permanent. During the treatment, it is necessary to clean the skin without applying local anesthetic to prevent pain. It is necessary to set the appropriate parameters of the instrument, and then treat the skin. It can destroy the hair follicles and gradually shrink the hair follicles, which can achieve a permanent hair removal effect. During the treatment, you should pay attention to skin care measures, and you can apply ice compresses appropriately to relieve redness and pain.

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How laser hair removal works

The operation method of medical grade laser hair removal machine is as follows. Laser hair removal mainly targets the melanin in the hair follicle as the target, and the laser destroys the pigment to destroy the entire hair follicle. Therefore, laser hair removal is mainly aimed at darker and thicker hair, such as armpit hair. The operation process is as follows:

First, test the skin first, and then maintain the cleanliness of the skin at the depilation area.

Second, apply an appropriate amount of gel evenly on the skin of the treatment area, and then use a laser instrument for comprehensive and rapid hair removal, 5-10 minutes.

Third, apply an ice pack to the depilated area for 10-15 minutes.

Since hair has different periods, such as growth phase, resting phase, and regression phase, laser hair removal is only effective for hair in the growth phase. Generally, 4-6 laser hair removal treatments are required, and each time interval is 4-6 weeks to achieve satisfactory results. Laser hair removal is affected by many factors, such as the location of the hair, the skin and hair color, the growth stage of the hair, the type of laser, and the schedule of the treatment. In addition, the treatment cost of laser hair removal is relatively high. If you choose laser hair removal, it is recommended to go to a regular hospital to find a qualified medical institution for treatment.

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Precautions for Laser Hair Removal Treatment

The precautions for laser hair removal are as follows:

1. Clean first when hair removal is required, so that there will be no infection after hair removal.

2. When deciding on laser hair removal treatment, be careful not to use hair removal creams, hair removal creams and other cosmetics.

3. Note that you need to communicate with the doctor before hair removal, so that the doctor has a detailed understanding of the part you need to remove hair.

4. After hair removal, ice compress can relieve the redness and swelling after hair removal.

5. The depilated skin should pay attention to sun protection and not be exposed to the sun.

6. Do not eat spicy food after hair removal.

7. Complete the entire course of hair removal on time. In order to achieve the ideal and permanent effect.

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