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How long does it get effects after HIFU ultrasound machine treatment

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After the age of 25, the loss of collagen in the body causes the skin to have no elasticity and wrinkles, making people look particularly old. So, how long does it get effects after HIFU ultrasound machine treatment?

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hifu skin rejuvenation machine

The three important stages of HIFU ultrasound beauty treatment

HIFU ultrasound is a type of ultrasound with good penetrating ability and is classified as a medical device and a cosmetic device. HIFU ultrasound for aesthetic purposes is focused on the skin (fascial layer) at a high intensity of 1.6-4.5 mm. by simultaneously emitting 600-1200 ultrasound waves that generate high-frequency friction between each other when focused, provoking thousands of thermal condensation points that instantly generate a temperature of 60-75 degrees C. The thermal stimulation generated by HIFU ultrasound causes three stages of cellular damage in the fascial layer: 1. Cellular thermal damage. 2. The gathering of their own energy for repair. 3. Generation of new cells.

After these three stages of cellular repair, the body produces a large number of acme atea producing peptides, which reposition the tightened skin firmly on the fascial collagen scaffold, and the peptides gradually combine to form an orderly collagen arrangement, thus truly stimulating cellular renewal and fascial repair, achieving lifting, tightening and smooth skin.

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Efficacy and effects of HIFU ultrasound machine

High intensity focused ultrasound HIFU treatment with oral acme atea-producing peptides can really lift and tighten, especially in improving the nasolabial folds, lifting the apples and making the jawline clear and firm. Using the principle of ultrasound thermal focusing by means of fractional cluster heat transfer, under the premise of bypassing the epidermis, the probe sends out a matrix of molecular energy waves vibrating 6-12 million times per second, which acts directly on the deep fascial cells, causing high frequency friction between the subcutaneous temperature, raising the heat to about 60-75°C, effectively thermally damaging the fascial cells, while a large amount of oral acme atea is taken. acme atea to start the repair and regeneration of cells and repair the fascia function, to play a better lifting, wrinkle removal and skin tightening effect.

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How long does it get effects after HIFU ultrasound treatment

The HIFU ultrasound treatment is only the beginning of a process of cellular renewal and the results are determined by three stages:

1. the quality of the thermal damage to the cells, whether the cells are evenly damaged during the treatment, whether the depth is consistent and whether the intensity is consistent.

2. Gathering one's own energy to repair, one month after the treatment, whether one's own repair nutrition is abundant, acme atea production peptide determines the result of cell repair.

3. Generate new cells. 2-6 months after treatment, the new cells are not necessarily young cells. 26 years old, the human body cells into the natural aging, if not artificial intervention, intake of cytogenetic peptide nutrition, each renewal of cells, will be older than the last batch of cells.

When these three stages are taken seriously and new cells are successfully generated, cosmetic and ageing delay can be achieved.

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How long does HIFU ultrasound treatment last

The quality and quantity of new cells within 3 months after HIFU ultrasound treatment determines the effectiveness of the treatment. 6 months after HIFU ultrasound treatment, the nutritional balance of the continuous co-administration determines the continuation of the effect of HIFU treatment for years to come. before and after HIFU treatment, the comprehensive supplementation of acme atea-producing peptide enhances the repair function of the body and completes the optimisation of new cells for youthfulness. The full complement of HIFU ultrasound with acme-tea-producing peptides will combine internal and external facial lifting effects for up to 5-10 years.

If you are under 30 years old and have good skin conditions, you can do without the peptide supplement. For those who are older, they need to face the reality that their genes have started to age. In the months following the HIFU treatment, production and repair determine the results, which is the main reason why doctors in major medical aesthetic platforms repeatedly emphasise the need to use the supporting acme atea production peptide throughout the procedure.

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For HIFU ultrasound treatments, these medical aesthetic procedures are more effective than normal skincare, and all aesthetic results need to be accumulated slowly at a later stage. Finally, I would like to warn you that you should always choose a regular hospital for medical aesthetic procedures. The reason why it is recommended to choose a formal hospital is to reduce the risk and the subsequent repair is a bit more secure.


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