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Is HIFU ultrasound skin tightening effective

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Often stays up late and dare not go out without makeup. Only in 30s, but looks much older than peers. Aging is the last problem that everyone wants to face. Everyone wants to have a youthful face. HIFU beauty machine can help you.

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What is hifu ultrasound machine

HIFU is an ultrasonic medical beauty equipment. High intensity focused ultrasound technology enables high-energy ultrasonic waves to focus on the skin at the treatment location, and treat without damaging any tissue. At 3.0mm or 4.5mm below the skin, precise ultrasonic energy is input. Combined with friction, a high thermal energy effect occurs in the skin tissue, and the thermal energy is condensed into tiny hot spots. These hot spots will stimulate the body's self-renewal mechanism, regulate the synthesis of collagen fibers, and make collagen more stable through hydroxylation, so that collagen supports skin and elastin, reduces wrinkles and increases skin elasticity.

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Age Requirements for HIFU Ultrasound Treatment

Many people want to do hifu ultrasound treatment, but they always have one or another problem, such as age! 42 years old, is this age suitable for doing it? What age is suitable for HIFU ultrasound? Can the effect be good at the age of 58? Is it too early to do it at 25? At what age is it good to have a hifu facial machine treatment?

1. Suitable for people aged 40~50

For people aged 40-50 before and after menopause, the acme-tea in the body is gradually lost, and the skin resistance is further weakened, cell metabolism slows down, old pigments are not metabolized in time, ultraviolet rays, make-up residues, excessive pulling during maintenance, etc. will irritate the skin. Cause hyperpigmentation or skin sagging. Different degrees of pigmentation and skin relaxation can basically be resolved by hifu beauty machine.

2. Suitable for people aged 30~40

When women are 30-40 years old, their skin has been damaged by many external factors. Many urban women even have sensitive skin due to improper care. Such skin is relatively fragile. If you do not pay attention to cleaning, it is easy to cause uneven skin tone. Many people have a misunderstanding about the HIFU ultrasonic, thinking that only people in their 40s and 50s are suitable for it. In fact, it is not surprising that girls in their 20s do HIFU ultrasound treatment.

3. HIFU ultrasound is suitable for people aged 20-30

When a person is 20-30 years old, the metabolic function in the body will start to slow down, leading to endocrine disorders. People with oily skin show strong oil secretion on the face, while people with dry skin show dull skin and long spots. In addition, when the sebum secretion is large, the pores will inevitably enlarge to discharge the sebum, and excessive cleaning will destroy the oil-water balance of the skin, which will only make the skin rougher. HIFU ultrasonic beauty treatment has a certain effect on improving dull skin, so young people with oily skin and 20~30-year-old young people with dull skin can all do HIFU beauty machine treatment.

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Is HIFU ultrasound skin tightening effective

The sagging face makes people look depressed, but with hifu ultrasound, no longer worry about aging, use strength to restore smooth skin!

Skin tightening: It can stimulate the growth of the body's own cell tissue and the synthesis of subcutaneous collagen, naturally tighten the skin and reduce pores.

Skin rejuvenation: HIFU technology can directly inhibit lipid peroxidation, prevent the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines, prevent cell apoptosis or death, and reduce the transmission of redox-sensitive cell signals, etc., so as to improve skin quality, It is like spreading a layer of highly water-locking mask on the dermis of the face, filling up the lost nutrients of the skin, removing dirt and improving skin vitality, making the skin delicate and tender.

Wrinkle Removal: It can solve aging problems such as sagging skin, wrinkles, roughness, enlarged pores, dull complexion, etc., eliminate expression lines, repair broken dermis lines, improve skin firmness, and solve skin aging from the root.

HIFU ultrasound beauty does not have much restrictions on age groups, but for people aged 40 to 50 with aging skin and sagging skin lines, or people under the age of 40 with premature aging, the effect of HIFU ultrasound is better.

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Who are not suitable for HIFU ultrasound treatment

The following conditions are not suitable for HIFU ultrasound treatment:

1. It is not suitable for people with a lot of fat and the elderly who are too old.

People with too much subcutaneous fat, people who are too old (over 70 years old), and elderly people with severe loose skin and severe wrinkles are not suitable for HIFU ultrasound. People with thick fat really need to lose weight. The HIFU ultrasonic facelift has a good lifting effect on the soft tissue above the fascia layer, but the subcutaneous fat is too thick, and the improvement effect is limited. In addition, elderly people with more wrinkles need to reshape the bone support structure, and the effect of HIFU ultrasound is limited.

2. Pregnant women and people with wounds are not suitable

Pregnant women, patients with severe heart disease, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, patients with advanced tumors, patients with unhealed surgical wounds, and those who have injected botulinum toxin within one month are not suitable for hifu ultrasound. Because HIFU ultrasound acts on the subcutaneous tissue, if people with endocrine problems, or people with skin wounds (unhealed surgical wounds, large-scale trauma), the operation will cause unnecessary harm to the body.

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Precautions after HIFU ultrasound treatment

1. Do not drink alcohol within a month. There will be some local swelling in the first few days, which is a normal reaction, and it will disappear naturally within 3 to 7 days.

2. No sauna, scraping, high-temperature yoga, or strenuous exercise that sweats profusely within a week.

3. Do not exfoliate and use similar cleansing and skin care products within a week.

4. Within three to six months, once a day in the morning and evening, 13 grams of acme-tea for special tissue nutrition, after that, the dosage depends on the skin recovery situation, acme-tea once a day, ordinary collagen is not enough, and it does not contain repair factors. to the restoration effect.

5. Do not do some strenuous exercise.

6. Use hydrating products 1~2 times as usual. Do not go to the beach for sunbathing within a month, and pay attention to sun protection and isolation.

Because HIFU high intensity focused ultrasound for face lifting treatment can stimulate the growth of the human body's own cells and tissues and the synthesis of subcutaneous collagen, collagen is not used here to prevent the internal and external combination from causing more aggregates in the body to appear, such as nerves, tissues, and stratum corneum. Large-scale malignant hyperplasia, at the same time, there will also be some adverse reactions such as subcutaneous necrosis, spots, redness and swelling, which will cause unevenness and potholes, so pay attention.


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