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Laser hair removal is safe and effective

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In summer, girls who love beauty will wear cool short skirts one after another, but they all want to show smooth and flawless legs, so they often choose to laser full body hair removal. So many beauty-loving girls turned their attention to laser hair removal medical beauty projects. So today we mainly talk about the safety and effect of laser hair removal.

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How laser hair removal works

The high-energy laser beam directly reaches the root of the hair follicle, allowing the melanin to absorb light energy. When the temperature of the root of the hair follicle rises rapidly in a short period of time, the hair follicle tissue is destroyed, and the hair follicle loses its ability to regenerate without damaging the surrounding tissue. It sounds daunting, but laser hair removal has great advantages over manual hair removal.

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Advantages of Laser Hair Removal

1. Laser hair removal can achieve permanent hair removal

Ordinary hair removal can only last for a few days and can only achieve temporary hair removal, while laser hair removal can achieve permanent hair removal.

Because the hair growth process is fast, if laser irradiation can be performed on it during the long period of hair growth, the hair removal rate will be significantly improved.

If the hair is dormant, the laser will not be able to remove hair, so the time frequency of each hair removal is best synchronized with the long-term hair growth, so that the hair removal will be cleaner and less time consuming. In addition, the hair growth cycle of the head, face, and extremities is different, so the frequency of choosing laser hair removal varies.

The dormant period of facial hair is short, so it can be done at intervals of about 1 month until a satisfactory hair removal effect is achieved.

After 5-10 times of laser hair removal, the hair removal can basically be successful, even if there are still some fine hairs, but it is almost invisible.

2. Laser hair removal is clean and safe

Laser hair removal equipment has been scientifically verified tens of millions of times before it can be approved for marketing, and it will be safer under the operation of doctors. Laser hair removal basically has no side effects. Many people think that laser hair removal directly destroys the sweating function of pores.

In fact, hair follicles and sweat glands are two different tissues. Human hair grows from hair follicles, not sweat glands. Laser hair removal mainly destroys hair follicles and hinders their growth, rather than destroying sweat gland tissue, so it will not damage the sweat glands. sweat function. Laser hair removal does not need to be laborious, just lie in bed and wait for the doctor to operate, and then follow the doctor's order to treat it on time to achieve the ideal hair removal effect.

3. Pain is acceptable

The use of beeswax and manual hair removal will not only cause severe pain, but also increase the probability of inflammation and infection, and the use of hair removal creams can easily lead to skin allergies. During laser hair removal treatment, the doctor will apply conductive gel on the hair removal site to cool down and reduce pain. The degree of pain depends on whether the hair is thick, dark or dense. The greater the three factors, the more obvious the pain. Some people experience redness, itching, and other symptoms that subside on their own after 3-6 hours.

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Laser hair removal precautions

1. Assess the condition of the hair removal site before treatment

If you have been exposed to the sun, used other methods of hair removal, have infection, or have wounds within 1 month before hair removal, laser hair removal is not suitable for the time being. If you have photosensitive skin, laser hair removal is strictly prohibited, because such people are prone to erythema, itching and allergies.

2. Choose a regular hospital

The quality of hospital laser hair removal permanent machine and the qualifications of medical staff will affect the final hair removal effect. Regular hospitals can provide professional hair removal technology and sterile treatment environment. Professional doctors will ask the patient's feelings during the operation, and adjust the parameters and techniques according to the feedback to reduce the patient's discomfort.

3. Pay attention to postoperative care

In order to restore the hair removal area better, you must not expose to the sun after hair removal. You should pay attention to applying sunscreen to reduce pigmentation. You can apply ice for 10-15 minutes to relieve symptoms such as fever, swelling and pain.

Do not scald or scrub the affected area, let alone go to a sauna, to avoid infection of the wound. If erythema, seepage, blisters and other phenomena persist, seek medical attention in time.

4. Hair removal according to the course of treatment

Because hair growth is cyclical, it is not possible to achieve the ideal hair removal effect after one or two treatments.

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Laser hair removal has now become the mainstream hair removal method. It saves time and effort, removes hair cleanly, and has almost no side effects. However, it should be noted that the doctor should evaluate the health status of the hair removal area before hair removal. Communicate, pay attention to sun protection and moisturizing after hair removal to avoid infection of the wound surface, and seek medical attention in time if there is discomfort to avoid causing other skin diseases.


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