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Medical beauty CO2 fractional laser machine can remove acne marks

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When it comes to acne scars, I believe that most people are troubled by them. The existence of acne scars will not only affect the appearance, but also affect the patient's mood if the acne scars cannot be removed for a long time. Appearance feels anxious and inferior.

In recent years, the development of the medical beauty industry has undoubtedly become the nemesis of acne marks. At present, many projects in medical beauty can have the effect of removing acne marks and pits. So, in the face of so many methods, how should we choose scientifically? Today, let's talk about the common methods of removing acne marks and acne marks, so as to provide you with a reference.

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Acne marks removal method

According to the length of time the acne marks are formed, the color they show is also different. Typically, young pimple marks are dark red in color and slowly turn dark brown over time. For the treatment of acne marks, there are probably two methods at present.

1. Red and blue light irradiation therapy

No matter how long the acne marks have been formed, they can be removed by red and blue light irradiation, especially red light, which has a good effect on removing acne marks.

2. Intense pulsed light

Compared with red and blue light irradiation, the effect of intense pulsed light is more obvious. Simply put, it is photon skin rejuvenation. The melanin at the bottom of the skin is crushed and metabolized by photon energy, which can improve the problem of acne marks and rough skin. For problems such as enlarged pores, insist on treating once a month, and there will be obvious results after 3-5 treatments.

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Acne Pit Removal Method

Under normal circumstances, after acne goes through the inflammatory stage, the damaged skin is not filled with collagen tissue proliferation in time, leaving acne pits. If acne pits are formed, any follow-up oral and topical medications will have no obvious effect, CO2 fractional laser acne scars treatment is required. At present, the more common methods for removing acne pits are as follows.

1. CO2 fractional laser

This treatment method mainly uses laser thermal damage to the tissue to promote the self-repair of the tissue, and at the same time stimulate the reconstruction and regeneration of collagen, and then replenish collagen for the damaged skin to achieve the effect of improving acne pits.

As far as the fractional laser method currently used in the medical aesthetics industry is concerned, the core fractional CO2 skin resurfacing laser is mainly used. This method has a small wound and the patient will not have obvious pain. The frequency of once a month is 3-5 times. It can effectively solve the problem of acne pits.

2. Fractional radio frequency

Fractional radio frequency is also known as gold microneedle. Simply put, it stimulates the regeneration of collagen at the bottom of the skin by heating the water molecules in the dermis, so as to improve the problem of acne pits. After fractional radiofrequency treatment, there will be scabs on the treatment area, which will usually fall off by themselves after 3-5 days.

3. Injection filling

It is also more effective to improve the problem of acne pits by injecting ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and L-lactic acid. But it should be noted that this method is only suitable for roller-type acne pits, and the effect on other types of acne pits is not very obvious. The advantage of this method is that the effect time is fast, but the effect does not last long. If you want to maintain it for a long time, you need repeated injections.

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To sum up, many projects in the medical beauty industry are very effective in improving the problem of acne marks and pits. If you are suffering from acne pits and acne marks, you may wish to try CO2 fractional laser equipment treatment. In this way, the problem of acne marks and pits can be solved, and a beautiful and smooth skin can be restored.


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