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Misunderstanding About Laser Hair Removal Treatment

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It is very troublesome to perform hair removal by yourself, and there may be great pain. Medical grade laser hair removal machine treatment can solve the problem of excessive hair at one time, which is very economical for people who need hair removal. However, for this convenient and fast laser hair removal technology, many people still have some misunderstandings, which hinders the cognition of hair removal.

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Misunderstanding 1: Laser hair removal is not safe

For many people who want to undergo medical aesthetic treatment, safety is one of the most important factors to consider. After all, compared with beauty, health is the most important. Hearing the word laser, many people will tremble with fear. The high energy and high destructiveness of laser make some people have lingering fears and feel that it will cause great damage to the skin.

In fact, this is not the case. Laser irradiation has strong focusing ability. After precise energy control, it can be applied to the parts that need to be treated, thereby destroying the hair follicles, and will not damage the body tissues. Of course, an experienced doctor will improve this safety even more.

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Misunderstanding 2: One treatment is completely cleared

People's conventional understanding is that if the hair follicle is destroyed, the hair will be removed. Therefore, no matter which part of the body is treated, only one laser irradiation can achieve the goal of permanent hair removal. This is caused by a misunderstanding of the growth of hair follicles. Generally speaking, hair follicles are in groups of three and share an opening. Therefore, every hair we see is one of these three hair follicles. But during laser treatment, only the one with the hair growing out can be destroyed, and the other two will not be affected.

When one follicle is destroyed, other follicles in the group grow hair instead. Therefore, it needs to be removed after a period of time. Generally speaking, it takes 3 to 6 times to clean the hair in the target area.

Misunderstanding 3: Perspiration will be affected after hair removal

The perspiration of the human body mainly depends on sweat glands, and the growth of hair belongs to the opening of hair follicles. Although both are on the skin, the channels of the two are completely different. Moreover, the main method of laser hair removal is to destroy the activity of hair follicles, which has no effect on sweat glands and will not interfere with channels.

Of course, when we sweat, we feel that sweat and hair go hand in hand. This is an error caused by the naked eye. After all, the exit of sweat glands and the exit of hair follicles are relatively close, and the naked eye cannot distinguish them.

Misunderstanding 4: Laser treatment will never recur

The main reason for using laser hair removal is to value its destructive effect on hair follicles, thereby completely eliminating the possibility of continued hair growth. Therefore, people always firmly believe that as long as a course of treatment is thoroughly cleaned, it can be guaranteed that there will be no new body hair growth in a lifetime.

Of course, the best permanent laser hair removal machine in laser treatment is a fact, and its hair removal effect can generally reach 90%. But in some cases, some follicles continue to revive, allowing the hair to regrow.

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Misunderstanding 5: Hair will become darker and darker

In people's traditional conception, our hair will become darker and thicker as we shave. Indeed, this feeling really exists in real life, so we bring this cognition to the treatment of laser hair removal.

This is a misunderstanding of laser hair removal. After laser treatment, because the hair follicles are damaged, the regrown hairs will become finer and softer due to the damaged hair follicles and insufficient nutrition absorption. Of course, using hair removal methods such as shaving and plucking for hair removal will not only cause pain, but may also cause thick hair.

Misunderstanding 6: The hair removal effect varies from person to person

The root of laser hair removal is to use laser to destroy hair follicles, so in our daily cognition, the hair removal effect of each area should be the same for everyone. Of course not, the efficiency of hair removal is not only related to the doctor's operation level, but also varies from individual to individual, and even different parts of the same individual are also different. In front of the laser, the structure of the skin is relatively light-transmitting, and the laser can penetrate the skin smoothly to reach the hair follicles to take effect, and the hair follicles contain a lot of black matter, the laser is absorbed by the hair follicles, which is converted into heat energy, and the temperature of the hair follicles suddenly increases. Elevated, its activity is destroyed. This is the basic principle of laser hair removal.

Therefore, the fairer the skin color, the darker and thicker the hair, the stronger the effect of the laser on the hair follicles, the better the hair removal effect, and the fewer times the hair removal needs to be repeated.

Misunderstanding 7: Don't need sunscreen after hair removal

Since laser hair removal does not damage the skin, there is no problem with sunbathing. This kind of thinking belongs to overestimating the safety of laser hair removal. After all, the safety we are discussing is actually within a range and limitation. With laser irradiation, the stratum corneum will also fall off together with the hair follicles, and the skin's self-protection ability will decrease.

Therefore, it is still necessary to pay attention to postoperative care, avoid sun exposure, and allow the skin to better complete self-repair.

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Misunderstanding 8: Laser hair removal is suitable for everyone

Although the safety of laser hair removal is worthy of recognition, not everyone can use laser hair removal treatment. For example, those with skin inflammation or active skin diseases are not allowed to have laser hair removal treatment. In addition, if the skin is thin or suffers from varicose veins, it is also a taboo group and needs to be confirmed with a doctor in advance.

Medical grade laser hair removal machine treatment is a relatively safe and effective method for many body hairs that affect personal appearance. Of course, we need to correctly understand its advantages and disadvantages. Correctly understanding of laser hair removal.


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