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Picosecond laser can treat skin hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone

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If you want to achieve the effect of skin rejuvenation, picosecond laser machine treatment is a good choice. Picosecond laser can treat pigmentation, and it can also improve skin quality, especially for women over 30 years old. choose.

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ce certification picosecond laser machine

What is a picosecond

Picosecond is also known as picosecond laser and laser picosecond. High tech beauty picosecond laser is a medical cosmetic method that mainly acts on the skin. It does not require anesthesia and has mild pain. The main principle of picosecond is to use laser technology to make skin tissue in a high concentration concentration, stimulate fibroblasts to react, generate collagen and elastic fibers, so as to achieve the effect of improving skin quality. In addition, the pigment cells can be quickly broken and excreted through human metabolism to achieve the purpose of lightening pigmentation.

What is the role of picosecond

High tech beauty picosecond laser can achieve the effect of removing facial wrinkles, facial dirt, removing pigment, repairing scars, and making the skin firmer.

Who is picosecond suitable for?

Picosecond is not suitable for people with scar constitution, abnormal pigmentation, menstrual period, pregnancy, breastfeeding women, patients with photosensitive skin disease, those taking vitamin acid drugs, those with anticoagulant dysfunction and those who have high expectations for treatment. Picosecond laser skin treatment is suitable for those with obvious facial chloasma, freckles, age spots, and acne marks. In addition, it can also be used for people with uneven skin tone, dull and dull skin, and tattoos.

picosecond laser skin treatment

Notes on picoseconds

(1) Preoperative precautions

Before picosecond laser skin treatment, you need to pay attention to avoid exposure to the sun within the first month, try not to go to the top of the mountain to play in the wild, and do a good job of sun protection at the same time. Before the treatment, you should communicate with the doctor to understand the necessary understanding of the treatment process and be psychologically prepared. If you have a history of allergies, be sure to tell your doctor, and if you have had other medical aesthetic projects recently, you should also communicate with your doctor. Before treatment, a general examination should be done to detect whether there are other diseases. On the day of treatment, pay attention to clean skin and do not wear makeup.

(2) Precautions after operation

In a short period of time after treatment, the skin may appear grayish white, and local erythema and edema may also appear, but this is a normal phenomenon, do not worry too much, it will gradually dissipate over time. Do not touch the water within 24 hours after treatment, and you can wash your face within a week after treatment, but do not wash with too hot water. The doctor will prescribe a small ointment to help recovery, be sure to apply the ointment in time according to the doctor's instructions. Do not use harsh skin care products within a week after treatment, scabs may appear after treatment, but do not scratch with your hands to avoid infection. Do a good job of sun protection in your daily life, and use physical sun protection to the greatest extent possible.

high tech beauty picosecond laser

Advantages and disadvantages of picosecond laser treatment

The advantage of picosecond laser treatment is that it does less damage to the skin, can achieve good results, is highly targeted, and has a natural effect. It can remove pigment spots and restore skin elasticity. It is suitable for today's fast-paced life. A recovery period is required, and you can do whatever you want.

The disadvantages of picosecond laser treatment are also obvious. First of all, it is not permanent and requires multiple treatments. If there are more spots, the number of treatments will be more. In addition, if the operation is improper, it may cause problems such as skin burns, and may also cause skin burns and other problems. Pigmentation problem is left, so be sure to go to a regular hospital for this project.

picosecond laser skin treatment

Frequently Asked Questions about Picoseconds

1. What is the general cost

The price of picoseconds is also a concern of many beauty lovers. After all, everyone wants to use the most reasonable price to make the most perfect results. The price of picoseconds is usually higher in treatment costs, which is in line with the local consumption level. , the advanced level of equipment in the hospital and the facial skin that needs to be treated have a great relationship.

2. How long can picosecond treatment last?

Picoseconds are not permanent and require multiple treatments. How long it can maintain the effective effect is also a concern of many beauty lovers. Generally speaking, picoseconds can maintain a good effect for about 3 to 6 months, which is related to the degree of skin care, the original state of the skin, and the skin's requirements for skin improvement. If the original skin condition is good and the care method is appropriate, then The relative effect of picoseconds will be extended a lot.

3. Does picosecond have any side effects?

Although picosecond has high safety and accuracy, it still has a series of side effects, such as may cause dry skin. This is because the laser acts on the true layer of the skin to break the melanin and accelerate the division of activated skin cells, resulting in no immediate hydration. , there will be dry skin and even scaling. It may also cause local swelling, which is caused by skin irritation, but this situation should not be too worrying, it will return to normal within a week. Improper operation of picoseconds will cause pigmentation and cause pigmentation to rebound. Therefore, you must do a good job of sun protection, and pay attention to moisturizing.

4. How many times do picoseconds need to be done?

Picosecond is not a one-time treatment, it needs multiple treatments. Generally, picosecond needs to be done more than 3 to 5 times to have good results. If the original pigmentation spots are more, the number of treatments will be more.

5. What is the difference between picosecond and photorejuvenation

Both picoseconds and photorejuvenation are a medical and aesthetic way to improve the skin. What is the difference between the two is also a question that many people do not clearly distinguish. In fact, in addition to the difference in principle, the two main problems are also different. Photonic skin rejuvenation mainly achieves skin tightening, improves rough pores, and achieves whitening and rejuvenating effects, while picosecond mainly targets pigmentation. Pigmentation and tattoos. However, although the two are aimed at different problems, the treatment methods are similar and the treatment cycle is the same, and neither can maintain a permanent effect.

picosecond laser skin treatment

In addition to skin care in daily life, if you want to achieve good cosmetic results, you may wish to consider medical beauty methods. Now that science and technology are developing rapidly, the medical beauty industry is also relatively safe, so you don’t have to worry too much about side effects and safety. If you want to remove pigment, stains, improve uneven skin, rough face and other problems, CE certification picosecond laser machine is a good choice, but before doing this project, you must have a comprehensive understanding and communicate with your doctor, so as to achieve a multiplier effect.


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