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Picosecond laser treatment is so magical

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Everyone wants to have flawless and smooth skin, but general beauty and skin care cannot remove freckles on the face, and can only be covered by makeup. Picosure focus laser treatment can remove freckles and rejuvenate the skin. So is picosecond laser treatment really so magical?

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What is a picosecond? What is the principle of picosecond laser treatment?

A picosecond is a unit of time equal to one trillionth of a second. The fractional laser we used in the past is a nanosecond-level laser technology, and 1 nanosecond is equal to one billionth of a second, which means that the picosecond laser is much faster than the fractional laser. Cynosure picosure tattoo removal treatment can release a certain amount of laser energy in an ultra-short period of time, crushing the melanin particles of the skin, making it easier to be cleared by macrophages and other chromophilic cells, and the inflammatory reaction that occurs at the same time is smaller. Clinically, picosecond laser treatment is often used to remove freckles, remove acne marks, remove tattoos, etc.

What are the advantages of picosecond laser treatment?

1. The picosure focus laser treatment speed of removing pigment is fast and the effect is good.

The spots on our skin are local skin pigmentation, which is related to many factors, such as sun exposure, genetics, endocrine disorders, etc. The most advantage of picosecond laser is blasting and decomposing pigment groups. It can effectively decompose various spots caused by melanin. The pigment removal speed is faster than traditional laser, and the melanin particles removed are smaller. The effect is good, and the treatment time and course can be shortened. In addition to freckle removal, picosecond laser treatment can also treat tattoos.

2. Higher security, lower risk of returning to hacking.

Picosecond laser treatment does not require surgery, will not cause wounds and damage to the dermis, and the chance of thermal damage to the skin is also lower, and the risk of stimulating melanin to reactivate is also lower, so it is not easy to turn black.

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Picoseond laser treatment frequency

According to the different basic conditions of patients and the skin problems that need to be solved, the interval and course of picosecond laser treatment are also different. Patients can fully consult the doctor and follow the doctor's advice for treatment.

Who is not suitable for picosecond laser treatment

Picosecond laser treatment is a new trend in laser beauty, but it is not suitable for everyone. The following people are not suitable for picosecond laser treatment:

1. Patients with photosensitive skin diseases or those who have recently taken photosensitizing drugs are contraindicated.

2. Pregnant and lactating women are prohibited.

3. For patients with active inflammation, infection or other systemic diseases, if picosecond laser treatment is performed, postoperative healing may be slow and scars may appear, so it is necessary to control the condition before evaluating whether picosecond laser can be performed treat.

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1. Sun protection

Avoid exposure to the sun for 1 month before and after picosecond laser treatment. It is recommended to continue to use sunscreen after the treatment.

2. The skin in the treatment area should be thoroughly cleaned before surgery

Although picosecond laser therapy has less tissue thermal damage, its instantaneous power is extremely high, and local edema, blisters, pigmentation, and even scars may still occur. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to skin cleaning before surgery to avoid infection. Picosecond laser treatment should be carried out under the operation of professional doctors, and appropriate treatment parameters should be selected to avoid the occurrence of adverse reactions.

3. Pay attention to moisturizing after operation

After picosecond laser treatment, skin erythema and edema may appear. After surgery, you should pay attention to moisturizing, but the treatment area should not be wet. You can apply cold spray, cold compress or ice compress.

4. Follow the doctor's advice for treatment

Be sure to follow the doctor's advice for treatment. If blisters, pigmentation or scars appear, professional doctors will perform repair, anti-inflammatory and depigmentation treatments for the symptoms.

5. Improve your lifestyle

During and after picosecond laser treatment, quit smoking and drinking, eat a balanced diet, and avoid spicy food. Get enough sleep every day, do a good job of skin care and cleaning, and don't use overly effective skin care products.

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Although picosecond laser beauty machine treatment is magical, it is not a panacea and requires high professionalism. Different types of spots use different laser wavelengths, so it must be performed in a professional medical institution. We must remain calm and cautious in the face of various publicity from merchants. In fact, picosecond laser treatment is not suitable for all skin problems. Only by using it reasonably can you make yourself more beautiful.


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