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Professional CO2 Fractional Laser Machine Factory Supplier

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The fractional CO2 laser scar removal machine is a relatively common laser method. It mainly emits lasers by using the therapeutic apparatus to scan the fractional method. Each laser action point is composed of a single or several high-energy laser pulses, which can be worn after being applied to the skin. Penetrating into the deep tissue of the skin, it can stimulate the proliferation of skin collagen and promote the vitality of the skin, so as to achieve the effect of removing scars, acne marks, eye bags and wrinkles. At the same time, it can also improve the skin quality, making the skin more delicate, smooth and elastic. The operation recovers faster, and the trauma is smaller. Generally, there are no side effects. It is a relatively safe treatment method. The CO2 fractional laser equipment mainly treats various scars, acne marks, and can also remove eye bags and wrinkles.

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What is a CO2 Fractional Laser?

The CO2 fractional laser machine can directly penetrate into the dermis layer, instantly vaporize the tissue at the wrinkle or scar, and then effectively stimulate and induce collagen reorganization and regeneration, thus making the skin firm, shiny and elastic. Fractional laser has obvious therapeutic effect on acne pits, acne marks, especially concave scars. In addition, it can also treat stretch marks, atrophy lines, large pores, fine wrinkles, warts, hair loss, age spots, freckles, sun exposure spots, solar keratosis, rosacea, capillary hyperplasia, etc.

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Will my skin become thinner after treatment?

CO2 fractional laser treatment  does very little damage to the epidermis, and it produces a thermal effect, which promotes the synthesis of new collagen fibers, collagen remodeling, and epidermal renewal, and the wound heals quickly, so there is no need to worry about postoperative skin thinning.

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How many treatments are needed?

Multiple treatments are necessary, generally 3-4 times as a course of treatment, but the course of treatment varies from person to person, and needs to be analyzed according to each person's skin condition. After each treatment, go to the dermatology department for regular follow-up, and the doctor will help you choose a suitable treatment plan.

Who is not suitable for this CO2 fractional treatment?

Scar constitution, active vitiligo and psoriasis, active infection (such as herpes virus infection), active skin inflammation, suspicious malignant lesions in the treatment area, systemic immune system disease, severe organ disease, pregnancy and Breast-feeding women, those who have tanned in the past 4 weeks, those who are prone to hyperpigmentation or abnormality, and those who have taken retinoids within 1 month before treatment.

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