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Professional IPL photofacial machine for your choose

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IPL intense pulsed light is a multi-wavelength light, filtered below 500nm and above 1200nm (or 900nm), with a spectrum ranging from visible light above 500nm to near infrared light. When applied to the skin, this spectrum can simultaneously reduce epidermal pigmentation, constrict dilated capillaries, reduce pore size and improve skin texture. The different wavelengths work on different skin tissues and at different depths, so the operating physician will select the appropriate filter for the patient's skin condition.

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Introduction to IPL Photorejuvenation

IPL photofacial machine is an advanced high-tech cosmetic program. Based on the principle of selective absorption of light, the best IPL machine professional can penetrate deep into the skin, selectively act on subcutaneous pigments or blood vessels, and irradiate directly on the skin surface to break down pigmentation and close abnormal red blood cells, so as to remove red blood cells, remove spots, reduce fine lines and make the skin look white and clean.

Currently, many people are using IPL skin rejuvenation to improve the appearance of large facial pores and rough skin, as well as to improve the appearance of yellowing skin. It is also a relatively safe treatment. Because it works on the exact spot, it does not cause unnecessary damage to the surrounding tissue and skin. At the same time, photorejuvenation can be adapted to different people's skin, and it is quite safe and effective to treat skin in different states without causing damage to the skin. Therefore, photorejuvenation is a relatively safe treatment method.

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Efficacy of IPL photorejuvenation

IPL photofacial machine is a non-exfoliating cosmetic technology whose main function is skin whitening and rejuvenation, etc. IPL skin rejuvenation is a new non-invasive optical medical aesthetic technology that uses intense pulsed light to solve skin problems such as superficial fine lines, dilated capillaries and superficial pigmentation that can be eliminated by intense pulsed light, making the skin look more supple, more radiant and brighter. luminous and brighter complexion. IPL Intense Pulsed Light Therapy can select wavelengths through filters and therefore has the ability to selectively remove pigment spots, acne marks, red blood, hair removal and wrinkle removal.

The main role and effect of IPL photorejuvenation is to improve fine lines and discolouration of the skin, and also to lighten dark circles and fine lines around the eyes, as well as to shrink pores and refine the skin. If there is some skin discolouration, usually due to pigmentation in the skin for various reasons, photorejuvenation is a good way to remove the pigment and restore the skin to fairness quickly. It is advisable to take care of sun protection after undergoing IPL photorejuvenation treatment.

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Hazards of ipl photorejuvenation

1. Pain. IPL skin rejuvenation can cause some pain and a burning sensation, but it is usually tolerated without anaesthesia.

2. Redness. IPL skin rejuvenation can cause redness, which in most people will disappear after 5-30 minutes, but in a few cases it will last for several hours or even a day.

3. Dryness of the skin. The heat generated by the photons will cause the skin to evaporate and you will feel your skin dry after 3-4 days, this is a normal reaction and it is important to enhance hydration after IPL treatment.

4. Pigmentation: It is a relatively common phenomenon, but it will gradually fade.

5. Purpura, blistering and crusting occur.


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