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Professional Laser Tattoo Removal Machine Buying Guide

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Having tattoos in this generation is becoming more liberal compared to the previous generations. People get tattoos for various and random reasons. Most often in this generation, people get tattoos in a skip of a heartbeat. Their tattoos are highly emotional and sentimental.

Here is a guide to search for the professional laser tattoo removal machine for sale to help you better decide before you finally do anything about having that tat removed. Or you may be wondering whether to do-it-yourself at home or seek professional help?

Professional Laser Tattoo Removal Machine Buying Guide. Whether you're here to purchase a laser tattoo removal machine for your business or for your personal use at home, this will be a useful guide for you to strategically weigh your options.

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picosure laser tattoo removal machine

How does Laser Tattoo Removal machine work

If you have had an IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Treatment for you hair and skin problems, you will feel more familiar with laser tattoo removers.

The lasers of a laser tattoo removal machine for sale produce short bursts of light at different wavelengths. When these lightwaves are directed to your tattoo, they penetrate the skin and are absorbed by the ink. The light breaks down the ink into smaller particles that are gradually removed by the body and immune system.

Take note of gradually. It often takes multiple laser tattoo removal sessions especially when the tattoo is large. Although the color of the ink also plays a vital role on the process of how fast you can get rid of that tattoo. There are different wavelengths needed for different colors as the absorption of the light varies on the color of the ink. Yellow, green, and blue inks are usually the most difficult to remove while black and red pigments are the easiest.

This means that the larger, more colorful, and more complex the tattoo design is, the more sessions it would need to have it successfully removed in a DIY set-up at home.

Old laser tattoo removal machines and surgical removal options tend to damage the skin but laser tattoo removal is safer and is less likely to leave a permanent damage on the skin.

laser tattoo removal machine

Important factors to consider

Much like buying a new laptop or a mobile phone, you purchase not merely on how attractive the design is but more importantly on its features and specs. This is the same with when purchasing a laser tattoo removal machine. There are factors to pay attention to before getting it.

1. Multifunctional laser tattoo removal machine

There are laser tattoo removal machines available in the market advertising different functions. You might be skeptical, and that is normal, but does not necessarily mean that the laser tattoo removal machine is fake. In fact, the laser technology that removes tattoo can also be very effective on other types of skin conditions and pigmentations.

Regardless, it is always best to look for laser tattoo removal machine that is designed mainly for tattoo removal. Having reviews and recommendations of the brand and machine is helpful to realize the effectivity and safety of the laser tattoo removal machine.

2. Laser technology

There are two types of laser technology that are effective in removing tattoos. If a tattoo removal machine does not clearly state which it uses, avoid it!

(a) Q-switched Laser Technology is the older of the two. The most common type is the Nd:YAG laser, which usually offers wavelengths of 1 064nm. This wavelength is best suitable in removing black and blue tattoo inks. Nd:YAG lasers can also have settings that allows it to switch wavelengths to 532nm. This wavelength is best suitable for red ink and other warm color shades.

(b) Best picosecond laser tattoo removal machine is the other type of laser tattoo remover. This type is faster and more modern compared to Q-switched, a reason why picosecond laser tattoo ramoval machine costs more. Picosecond lasers work in the same way as the Q-switched but they offer a wider range of wavelengths and operate much faster with higher energy levels. This makes the sessions faster and may reduce the number of sessions needed to completely remove the tattoo.

3. Wavelengths, pulses, and energy

For tattoos with purely black ink, a wavelength of 1 064nm is needed. While if the tattoo contains a range of colors, it needs a laser tattoo remover that is capable of switching wavelengths to 532nm for warm sunset colors and 755nm for green and blue colors.

And energy which is measured in j/cm2 or mj (these are the figures to look for in comparing laser tattoo removal machines). The higher energy, the more aggressive and more efficient the laser tattoo removal machine is. But it can also be determined by the spot size of the machine.

4. Other considerations

(a) Ease of use. Buying technical tattoo removal lasers that are used by professionals might sound great but if you are not able to work around how to use it properly, it won't work out. The ease of use is an important consideration to save you money from laser tattoo removal machines you may not be able to use however, you have to consider the warranty too.

Make sure that the manufacturer can be contacted and have provided the necessary information to reach them in case of malfunctions or defects. Do check the manual too if it is readable and easy to understand.

(b) How much is a laser tattoo removal machine. The cost will vary depending on the brand of the laser tattoo removal machine, the power needed, and what it is suitable for. A small laser tattoo removal machine to remove an eyebrow tattoo will cost less than a professional, clinic-standard, and large laser tattoo removal machine.


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