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Q Switch ND YAG Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

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Bvlaser is a professional beauty laser machine manufacturer, Often exported to US, Canada, South Africa etc. We can also export ND YAG laser tattoo removal machine in UK.

q switch laser tattoo removal machine

This article I will introduce Q switch laser tattoo removal machine in detail.

The Principle Of ND YAG Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

Using a professional laser to form a jet, targeting and positioning within one trillionth of a second, directly blasting melanin, decomposing melanin, and metabolizing it through macrophages in the human body, blood circulation, and lymphatic circulation. Bvlaser can provide professional laser tattoo removal machine for sale.

Q Switch ND YAG

Advantages Of ND YAG Laser

1. The laser can be fired 10 times / 1 second, the normal laser is 1-5HZ, 1-6ZH, the treatment speed has become faster.

2. The maximum power can reach 1600mj.

3. There are 3 processing heads for more familiar and convenient operation.

professional laser tattoo removal machine for saleprofessional laser tattoo removal machine for sale

Applications Of ND YAG Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

1. Removal lip line, eyebrow, eyelid, tattoo on body.

2. Remove pigmentation.

3. Age Spots, Birthmarks, Vascular Removal.

4. Onychomycosis.

5. Skin Rejuvenation, Whitening, Pore Tightening.

applications of laser tattoo removal machine

Handle Head Display

1. 532 nm wavelength: Remove tattoos with brighter colors such as red, orange and yellow. Remove freckles, eyebrow tattoos, failed eyeliner, wrinkles, lip wrinkles, pigments, telangiectasia and other light red, brown, pink, etc. Light tones.

2. 1064nm wavelength: removes dark colors such as black, blue and green. Remove freckles, chloasma, eyebrow tattoos, eyeliner, tattoos, birthmarks, Ota nevus, hyperpigmentation, age spots, black and blue nevus, scarlet, dark brown, etc.

3. 1320nm wavelength: Professional for skin rejuvenation, blackhead removal, skin whitening and more

The Principle Of Tattoo Removal

The laser is used to smoothly enter the lesion site, and the dye is vaporized and smashed during the treatment, so that the color of the tattoo fades. Generally speaking, the effect of shallow tattoo removal is obvious and even completely eliminated, but most of them usually require multiple treatments. Lasers of different colors are absorbed by the skin of different colors, and the laser energy is used to disintegrate and vaporize the dye particles, closing the blood vessels, and then the body absorbs the dye particles to expel them from the body, and the pigment subsides. Because the laser light of a certain wavelength is only absorbed by the pigment of the corresponding color. Only diseased cells absorb a specific laser, and the depth of the skin that the laser reaches can be controlled. Adjustable pulses can minimize skin damage.

Bvlaser not only provides CE certification tattoo removal machine but also provides laser hair removal machine, body slimming machine, skin rejuvenation machine and CO2 fractional laser machine.

If you want to know laser tattoo removal machine price, welcome to inquiry! We can give you a professional guidance.


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