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Questions and answers about CO2 fractional laser treatment

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At present, CO2 fractional laser machine is an important technological innovation in the field of skin beauty. It has an irreplaceable effect on acne pits, scars and other problems. However, skin repair is also a long-term work that requires more patience and perseverance to slowly improve your skin, which is a very important process.

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Questions and answers about CO2 fractional laser treatment

1. How effective is CO2 fractional laser on acne?

CO2 fractional laser skin resurfacing treatment is very effective in treating acne pits, and CO2 fractional laser is the currently recognized solution. Over time, this effect will increase.

2. Can I use CO2 fractional laser for large pores?

Yes, but it depends on the size of your pores. If the pores are small, then there is no need to use C02 fractional laser. Photorejuvenation and fruit acid can improve pores to a certain extent.

3. Can CO2 fractional laser remove blackheads?

CO2 fractional laser has the effect of softening the skin. If beauty lovers want to solve problems such as blackheads and closed mouth, it is recommended to use photorejuvenation combined with fruit acid for conditioning.

4. Can CO2 fractional laser be used during acne-prone period?

Fractional lasers cannot be used in the acne-prone period, and treatment can only be performed when there is no inflammation. If it is a small acne, there is no obvious inflammatory papules. For pustules, the doctor will use a laser to avoid the acne area.

co2 fractional laser skin resurfacing treatment

5. Can the CO2 lattice laser be carried out simultaneously with other lasers?

For patients with photorejuvenation, fruit acid and other projects, it is best to use fractional laser after one month to restore the skin.

6. CO2 fractional laser can make the skin thinner?

In addition to mild local pain and redness, the standard fractional laser has a less than 1% chance of pigmentation, which will not make the skin thinner and will not cause skin sensitivity.

7. Is CO2 fractional laser painful?

Fractional co2 laser for skin rejuvenation treatment is performed after 40-60 minutes of local anesthesia. CO2 fractional laser treatment will feel mild pain, and symptoms such as burning, redness and swelling will occur after treatment. You can use medical beauty masks, growth factors, etc. make a repair. The 1550 nm nonablative fractional laser is slightly more painful for the patient than the CO2 fractional laser, but is relieved by local anesthetics in most patients.

fractional co2 laser for skin rejuvenation

8. When can scabs form after CO2 fractional laser treatment?

Generally, within 48-72 hours after treatment, small scabs will appear on the wound, which will fall off in about a week. Do not scratch with your hands.

9. Can I use ordinary skin care after removing the scab?

After the scab is removed, you can wash your face with water to replenish water and repair, and do not use irritating cosmetics in the short term.

10. Will the skin become red after scab removal?

After the scab falls off, because it is new skin, the skin at the treatment site will appear red. You can apply epidermal growth factor gel and repairing dressings locally. At the same time, pay attention to sun protection, which will gradually fade over time.

11. What if the skin color becomes darker?

Discoloration after CO2 fractional laser usually occurs 2-4 weeks after surgery, so pay attention to sun protection. To speed up the subsidence of pigmentation, it is best not to perform treatments such as picoseconds within one month after completion. Tranexamic acid can be taken orally, and azelaic acid or tranexamic acid can be applied externally. Of course, when using azelaic acid and tranexamic acid, you must first have a certain tolerance.

12. How many times can the CO2 fractional laser be used?

According to the severity of the skin problem, usually 3-5 times, 2-3 months, depending on the doctor's performance.

13. How to charge for CO2 fractional laser?

Fees are usually charged based on the site and area treated, the skin problem treated, and the course of treatment.

co2 fractional laser skin resurfacing treatment

Finally, it is necessary to mention that the recovery after treatment is related to the CO2 fractional laser treatment plan, parameter selection, operation treatment and other factors. CO2 fractional laser skin resurfacing treatment is a minimally invasive surgery. Before treatment, we must check the formality of the hospital and whether the doctor has experience.


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