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Questions and Answers About Picosecond Laser Skin Treatment

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Picosecond laser skin treatment is a medical beauty device for removing black spots and freckles, purifying and whitening the skin. It can directly shatter melanin with powerful and fast energy, so as to improve pigmented skin and achieve the purpose of whitening and purifying the skin.

Picosure facial treatment laser emits pulsed laser light in a very short time. The shorter the laser exposure time, the more focused and greater the energy. The shorter the pulse width, the weaker the effect of light into heat, almost no photothermal effect, the less likely to spread to the surrounding intact tissue, the stronger the effect on the target tissue, and the shorter the treatment time for pigmented skin lesions. The lower the number of times, the stronger the curative effect, the faster the speed, the stronger the energy, the better the effect and the safer the effect.

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Indications for picosecond laser skin treatment

1. Nevus of Ota, cafe-au-lait spots, zygomatic nevus, freckles, age spots and various stubborn pigmented lesions.

2. Wash eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner and tattoo.

3. Whitening and rejuvenating skin, rejuvenating the face.

picosecond laser skin treatment

Questions and Answers About Picosecond Laser Skin Treatment

1. Will there be rebound after picosecond laser skin treatment?

The picosecond laser breaks the melanin particles at the bottom of the skin into powder, and then metabolizes them. However, we should also pay attention to protection in the later stage, because melanin is active. For example, ultraviolet rays, staying up late, long-term dehydration of the skin, and endocrine disorders will stimulate black blood cells to secrete a large number of melanin particles. Therefore, in the later stage, we should pay attention to strengthen sun protection, do a good job of replenishing water, pay attention to rest, and it will be well controlled.

Picosecond laser freckle removal is independent, it does not mean that spots will no longer appear in the future, if the body is in a state of "imbalance" for a long time, do not pay attention to sun protection and skin care, spots formed by endocrine factors, do not pay attention to maintenance If it is, there is a possibility of growing it again. The spots that have already grown cannot be eliminated through adjustment, and must be decomposed by the outside world to metabolize the body.

2. Will picosecond laser treatment make the skin thinner?

The blasting power of picosecond laser crushing melanin is very strong. Ordinary laser needs 10 treatments, but picosecond laser only needs 2 to 3 treatments. In this way, the skin does not need to be repeatedly stimulated and repaired, so the skin will not become thinner.

3. Will it be red and swollen? Does it affect work?

It won't be red and swollen, and it won't affect your work, and you won't see any blush after finishing it. Except for individual constitutions, skin with a thin stratum corneum will have reddish symptoms. It fades away slowly after 12 hours.

4. Will scabs form after picosecond laser treatment?

Whether it will scab depends on the type of plaque. Some plaques need to be blasted, and some plaques do not need to be blasted. If the plaque is to be blasted, it will scab, but the scab on the plaque made by picosecond is very thin, and the scab is basically invisible, and it will fall off naturally in about 3 days to a week.

5. Will there be scars after the picosecond laser?

Won't. Since the picosecond laser of a specific wavelength can reach the pigmented tissue of the disease through the epidermis and dermis, it only acts on the pigment particles, and the epidermis of the skin is basically not damaged, so it will not leave scars on the skin. The unique function of picosecond can selectively be absorbed by the pigment in the skin (which can be divided into black, blue, green, brown, red, brown, etc.) for color pigments.

6. How long does it take to see the effect after the picosecond laser?

It depends on whether the spots are blasted. If the spots are blasted, the effect will be seen after the scabs fall off. If the spots have not been blasted, it will take a month to see the effect.

picosure laser treatment

Precautions after picosecond laser treatment

1. On the day of picosecond laser freckle removal treatment, there will be slight redness, swelling, heat, and pain at the treatment site, which is a normal phenomenon.

2. Some lesions will have scabs, which usually fall off after 7 to 10 days. Be careful not to scrape off the scabs with your fingers. You can use special cosmetic oil to soften them and make them fall off naturally.

3. Do not wash your face within 24 hours after freckle removal, and wash it with professional medical-grade cleaning products after 24 hours.

4. After receiving picosecond laser freckle removal treatment, apply professional repair products on the treatment area, do not use other drugs or cosmetics.

5. Sun protection is very important: the treatment area will be very sensitive to sunlight, so professional physical sunscreen should be applied after treatment, medical grade sunscreen is recommended. At the same time try to avoid being exposed to strong light. Do not steam for 20 days.


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