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The best CO2 fractional laser machine for skin

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Laser hair removal, laser whitening, laser tattoo removal and laser scar removal are some of the more popular cosmetic treatments. CO2 fractional laser is one of the most popular, it causes very little damage to the skin and has a wide range of applications to rejuvenate the face, eliminate wrinkles and remove various scars. Bvlaser is a professional dermatology CO2 laser machine manufacturer, we have the best CO2 fractional laser machine for sale.

co2 fractional laser machine

What is CO2 laser treatment

The best CO2 fractional laser machine is a laser cosmetic technology with low radiation intensity and low damage to the human body. CO2 fractional laser emits a fine beam of light that, through direct irradiation of the skin, creates a small thermal damage zone on the surface of the skin and accelerates the collagen regeneration of keratinocytes through its own self-repair to achieve whitening and skin rejuvenation and pigment removal. The CO2 fractional laser uses a special image generating device that changes the way the light emits. the CO2 fractional laser produces a light spot that scans into rectangular beams that are square, triangular, circular, linear, rectangular, etc. This causes the skin to rapidly absorb water, creating a special biochemical effect. CO2 fractional laser, a cosmetic laser that can be fractional, wavelength and frequency. Depending on the wavelength, fractional lasers can achieve different results. It is generally accepted that the best results from CO2 laser beauty machine treatments are the reduction of wrinkles, the removal of pigmentation and the tightening of the skin.

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Ablative CO2 fractional laser and non- ablative CO2 fractional laser

1. Ablative CO2 Fractional Laser

Its principle of action has been mentioned above. It can cause some damage to the epidermal tissue at the site of action, but strong irritation also means strong effect.

2. Non-ablative CO2 Fractional Laser

Non-ablative CO2 fractional laser often include fractional lasers such as shuttle fractional lasers. The major difference with fractional lasers is that they are basically non-destructive to the epidermal tissue during treatment and do not lead to side effects such as crusting, but this also means that their treatment effect is relatively poor.

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How to choose a CO2 fractional laser

The first and most crucial thing we need to realise is that we are not in this professional group, but we can seek professional help, which means that the most reliable way is to go to a regular medical institution and be judged by a professional doctor. At the same time, when the CO2 fractional laser energy reaches a certain point, it undergoes photothermal conversion, creating a thermal effect. This stimulates the contraction of collagen in the subcutaneous tissues, resulting in denaturation and the transformation into new collagen, which, to put it bluntly, promotes the regeneration of collagen tissues, resulting in the replacement of old skin with new skin and improvement.

Precautions for CO2 fractional laser

The CO2 laser machine for skin is mainly used to improve acne and scars, remove wrinkles, treat pigmented lesions, tighten skin and remove acne pits. Due to the huge energy of the fractional laser, it is not suitable for people with the following conditions: scarring, severe underlying diseases, special periods such as pregnancy, photo-allergy, etc.


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