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The CO2 fractional laser skin resurfacing in action

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The best CO2 fractional laser machine is a laser treatment for spots, wrinkles, scars and warts, which is usually a type of laser that stimulates the skin tissue through the focused energy emitted by the gas laser. Which not only blasts the melanin particles on the surface instantly, but also stimulates the collagen tissue underneath the skin to gradually repair the skin. It also stimulates the collagen tissue beneath the skin to gradually repair the skin. CO2 laser beauty machine is often used to treat patches, wrinkles, scars and warts on the face.

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Effects of CO2 Fractional Laser

1. Stimulate skin self-repair: CO2 fractional laser is played on the skin more microscopic small holes, the formation of thermal damage in the skin layer, including thermal exfoliation, thermal coagulation, thermal effects, thus causing a series of skin biochemical reaction, stimulate the skin to self-repair, to achieve skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, removal of pigmentation, part of the normal skin can be protected, accelerate skin recovery. Usually after 4-5 days of treatment, you can live and work normally, treat acne and scarring, and eliminate and lighten pigmentation.

2. Repairing scar: CO2 fractional ablative laser has a greater effect on scar, which can destroy the fibroblastic structure of the scar and promote the reorganization and regeneration of the fibroblastic structure to smooth out the scar. There are also contraindications to fractional laser, severe diabetics, hypertension, pregnancy, breastfeeding and those allergic to light are not allowed to do the treatment. There is a recovery period after treatment, and patients need to pay attention to wound protection and good care. Growth factor drugs can be used to promote wound healing and speed up tissue repair.

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CO2 fractional laser indications

1. For atrophic or hyperplastic scarring of all ages and periods.

2. Chronic wounds.

3. Facial anti-ageing, wrinkle and spot removal (age spots), can be used for local and full skin resurfacing, repairing ageing skin, improving uneven skin tone, enlarged pores, rough skin, sagging skin and eye bags.

If the skin has indications for CO2 laser, it is also necessary to visit the cosmetic dermatology department of the hospital so that the doctor can operate reasonably for fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing treatment.

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CO2 fractional laser contraindications

1. Active local infection (especially herpes virus infection).

2. Recent history of sun exposure (especially within 4 weeks).

3. Inflammatory skin reactions.

4. Evidence of skin barrier damage (increased skin sensitivity).

5. Suspected malignant lesions at the treatment site.

6. Poor cardiopulmonary function and organic lesions of important organs.

7. Pregnant and lactating women.

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