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The effect of picosecond laser spot removal

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The picosecond pulsed laser lightens and removes freckles, sun spots, age spots, chloasma, hyperemesis, brown spots, nevus of Ota, coffee spots, removes skin folds, rejuvenates and whitens skin and shrinks pores. It can also remove large tattoos as well as discolouration and acne marks. Bvlaser reminds you that your skin will be sensitive to heat after picosecond laser tattoo removal, so you should avoid using hot water when washing your face and use warm or cold water to wash.

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Why Choose Picosecond Laser Machine Treatment

We often hear friends complain that their skin is getting worse with age, not only is it not white enough, but it also looks very lackluster and elastic, even if they do face masks and other maintenance treatments every day, it does not help at all. This is when many people think of medical aesthetics. With the advent of picosecond laser treatment, it has become the first choice for many people to improve their skin quality and remove pigmentation.

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What are the advantages of the picosecond laser

The picosecond laser emits a specific wavelength of laser light that acts on the skin to remove spots and achieve anti-ageing purposes. Specifically, the main advantages of picosecond are that it can promote the regeneration of collagen white and elastic fibres, thus removing acne and scars on the face, making the skin smoother and more delicate, and it can also achieve the effect of shrinking pores. In addition, picosecond has the advantage of not damaging the skin tissue.

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Picosecond laser works on the dermis

During the picosecond laser treatment, the honeycomb lens gathers up 70% of the energy and then increases it to 20 times to remove the scar tissue that has become fibrotic in the dermis and promote collagen regeneration. The laser beam it produces also makes the treatment safer without breaking the skin or bleeding.

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Precautions to take before the picosecond laser treatment

The following are some of the issues that you should be aware of before having a picosecond laser treatment

1. What kind of spots can be removed with picosecond laser?

The effect of picosecond treatment is the most important concern for everyone, so before treatment, you must find out what kind of effect you will get, which spots will have a significant effect and which spots will have no effect, these issues must be clearly communicated with the doctor. For example, it is highly recommended to do picosecond laser treatment for melasma, age spots and nevus of Ota, the results are usually very good. However, if it is a hemangioma or spider nevus, there is basically no effect, so it is not recommended to do picosecond.

2. Will it bounce back afterwards?

In fact, although picosecond is not equivalent to skin resurfacing, it is a treatment that uses specific wavelengths to break up melanin in the deeper layers of the skin, and the effect is still very thorough. As long as you pay attention to hydration, sun protection, less late nights, less spicy and stimulating food, more exercise to promote endocrine coordination, then this way, basically will not rebound.

3. Will doing picosecond make the skin thinner and thinner.

The answer is no, first of all, the treatment process of picosecond is very short, generally speaking, only need to do about 10 times to remove spots, the shortest even do two or three times can be done. As a result, the side effects of picosecond treatment are very minimal and do not cause too much damage to the skin, resulting in thinner and thinner skin. In addition, there is no dependency on the treatment, so the damage to the skin is even less.


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