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The optical effects of IPL laser skin rejuvenation

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The photochemical action of IPL on the skin causes a chemical change in the molecular structure of the collagen and elastic fibres within the dermis, restoring the original elasticity. In addition, the photothermal action of IPL enhances vascular function and improves circulation, thus eliminating wrinkles and reducing pores. As the pigmented masses in the lesions are much more numerous than in normal skin, they absorb the light and warm up more than the skin. The difference in temperature causes the lesion vessels to close and the pigment to break down without damaging normal tissue.

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IPL Photorejuvenation

IPL is an intensive pulsed light treatment that improves skin elasticity, eliminates wrinkles and reduces pore size. People experience mild redness and swelling, which usually recovers within a week.

IPL photofacial for wrinkles

IPL photofacial for wrinkles can repair irregularly arranged collagen caused by ageing or photodamage, stimulate collagen production, fill in loose skin spaces, remove wrinkles at the root and restore the skin to a youthful state, with optimal results after 90 days. head-lines), wrinkles at the corners of the mouth, etc. Suitable for all ages.

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IPL laser spot removal

The use of ipl laser spot removal not only can play a good role in removing freckles, but also can use these optics to play a good role in whitening the skin. ipl laser spot removal is simple and safe, there is no incision, in the process of spot removal treatment, there is no bleeding, and no scars, and does not require hospitalization, the treatment is very simple and convenient, and will not cause any impact on work and life.

IPL photo hair removal

Hair removal using IPL's selective photothermolysis principle. Big spot size hair removal beauty machine IPL is quick, painless, long lasting and has no damage to the epidermis, which is significantly better than traditional medication and laser hair removal.

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IPL laser skin rejuvenation treatment results

1. Improvement of skin wrinkles on the face and neck.

2. Tighten the skin.

3. Improve skin roughness and skin whitening.

4. Can have ideal skin.

5. Get rid of freckles, age spots, acne, etc.


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