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What hyperpigmentation can treated with the picosecond laser?

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The causes of hyperpigmentation are somewhat complex and may be related to UV rays, pregnancy, improper use of cosmetics, genetics and many other factors. You may have tried many methods but the results may not be satisfactory. It is not difficult to reduce blemishes. For stubborn deep-seated blemishes, if you want to see faster results, you can try using medical aesthetics, such as the highly targeted picosecond laser program to remove blemishes.

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Picosecond laser can target a wide range of pigmentation

The main principle of picosecond laser hyperpigmentation is to break down the melanin particles in the skin into tiny particles in a very short period of time by using different wavelengths of laser light, and with the body's metabolism, these melanin particles are expelled from the body and the process of spot reduction is complete. This is like a kitchen shredder at home, some large pieces of rubbish that are difficult to flush directly through the drain, after a quick stirring and beating into small particles, they can be flushed through the drain smoothly.

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Picosecond Laser Modes

The Picosecond Laser has two modes: Spot Removal + Skin Rejuvenation.

The former is suitable for superficial pigmentation such as freckles and sun spots; the latter is suitable for the treatment of deep-seated spots such as brownish nevus, nevus of Ota, melasma, etc.

Skin rejuvenation mode: Using holographic fractional diffraction technology, it does not break the skin surface and helps stimulate the regeneration of collagen and elastin fibres.

Combining these two modalities, the main benefits of the picosecond laser programme are reflected in the need to lighten and whiten spots, improve enlarged pores, fine lines, acne marks and fade various tattoos. Some of the more difficult blemishes, such as melasma, are also alleviated by the picosecond laser programme (results vary from person to person).

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What can I expect after a picosecond laser treatment?

Some people may be afraid to try picosecond laser before and after treatments because they may be too painful. The experience of picosecond laser treatment is relatively friendly among medical aesthetic procedures, and the pain is mild. It is normal to experience redness and swelling or hyperpigmentation after picosecond laser treatment, and most of these conditions will improve in the short term and will basically subside soon.

In addition, there are 4 points to note.

1. Do not wash your face that night and apply a medical mask directly. You can apply one mask a day for 3 to 7 days to strengthen the skin barrier repair.

2. If you have a lot of spots on your face, you will have scabs, which is normal. They usually fall off on their own after 7-10 days, so do not pick them with your hands.

3. Use moisturizing and soothing skincare products on a daily basis. Do not use irritating skincare products, you can rub medical repair products to speed up skin repair.

4. Strict sun protection and avoid sun exposure. Pay attention to strict sun protection within 3 months after doing picosecond laser to avoid pigmentation.


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