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What is fractional co2 laser skin resurfacing

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CO2 fractional laser skin resurfacing treatment can quickly improve skin texture, firm skin, and improve large pores. It is mainly used in the direction of skin beauty. This technology is the world's leading skin rejuvenation technology. Through pulsed fractional laser, laser beauty has been raised to a new level.

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What is the treatment of CO2 fractional laser

CO2 fractional laser can remove all kinds of wrinkles, remove eye bags and treat various scars. CO2 fractional laser can directly penetrate into the dermis layer, instantly vaporize wrinkles or adipose tissue, stimulate collagen, regenerate and promote skin to start self-repair function, shrink skin and level Wrinkles make the skin firm and shiny, and solve common skin problems such as large pores, dullness, and pigmentation. CO2 fractional laser has mature technology. Co2 fractional laser is mainly used to treat sagging skin and facial acne, and can also treat body acne. Various scars. In addition, it also has a significant effect on the treatment of red blood on the face, and can also remove facial spots, such as sunburn or chloasma. The co2 fractional laser can also help remove eye bags, remove stretch marks or neck lines on the abdomen, and treat rosacea.

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CO2 fractional laser can stimulate the skin to repair itself, and has the functions of firming, rejuvenating and removing pigmentation. CO2 fractional laser is a minimally invasive and non-invasive technology for the treatment of skin beauty, which is faster, more capable and more controllable than ordinary lasers. Compared with other lasers, the wound of CO2 fractional laser is slightly larger, and there is a scab period of about a week after the operation. The scab can basically heal after falling off naturally, so strict sun protection measures should be taken after treatment.

CO2 fractional laser scar removal equipment is more used to treat acne pits and scars. The CO2 fractional laser is a gas laser. Its principle of action is focal photothermal action. Under the action of the laser, the proliferation of tissue collagen is stimulated. Does not affect normal skin around the irradiated area.

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CO2 fractional laser treatment process and precautions

The CO2 fractional laser is a gas laser. The fractional laser generates tiny light beams arranged in an array-like arrangement, and acts on the skin to form multiple tiny thermal damage areas with three-dimensional three-dimensional columnar structures. Around each tiny damage area, there are undamaged normal tissue, whose keratinocytes can crawl quickly, allowing it to heal quickly. In this way, the collagen fibers and elastic fibers can be proliferated and rearranged, so that the content of collagen fibers is close to the normal ratio, and the structure of pathological tissues is changed, gradually softening and restoring elasticity. The main absorption group is water, and water is the main component of the skin, which can cause the dermal collagen fibers to shrink and degenerate when heated, and induce the wound healing reaction in the dermis.

CO2 fractional laser treatment is to use laser to make tiny holes on the skin, forming three areas of thermal peeling, thermal coagulation and thermal effect in the skin layer. Thereby causing a series of skin biochemical reactions, stimulating the skin to repair itself. To achieve the effect of firming, rejuvenating and removing dark spots. Part of the normal skin can be preserved to speed up recovery. Patients usually return to normal life after four to five days. Indications include acne scars, lightening and eliminating dark spots, etc.


CO2 fractional laser also has contraindications. Patients with severe diabetes, high blood pressure, pregnancy, lactation, and people who are allergic to light should not be treated. There is a certain recovery period after treatment. Patients need to pay attention to wound protection and take good care of them. Growth factor drugs can be used to promote wound healing and accelerate tissue repair. It is recommended that after finishing the fractional laser, you should first pay attention to moisturizing the skin. At the same time, pay attention to strengthening sun protection when going out, and wearing sun hats and umbrellas when going out.

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CO2 fractional laser efficacy

1. Avoid thermal damage

CO2 fractional laser can effectively avoid side effects such as thermal damage, and at the same time can promote the healing of the skin, making up for the lack of treatment technology that takes a long time in the recovery period, taking care of the specific requirements of each patient, suitable for all kinds of wrinkles, including forehead lines, glabella lines, eye wrinkles, perioral wrinkles, neck lines, abdominal stretch marks, etc.

2. Stimulates the skin to repair itself

CO2 fractional laser is to punch more tiny holes on the skin, causing thermal damage in the skin layer, including thermal peeling, thermal coagulation, thermal effect, which causes a series of skin biochemical reactions, stimulates the skin to repair itself, and achieves firming, Skin rejuvenation and pigmentation removal, some normal skin can be protected and skin recovery is accelerated. Usually after 4-5 days of treatment, you can live and work normally, treat acne, scars, eliminate and lighten pigmentation.

3. Repair scars

It has a great effect on scars, and can destroy the fibroblast structure of scars, promote the reorganization and regeneration of fibroblast structures, and smooth the scars.

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