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What Is The Best Laser Hair Removal Machine In Salons

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Everyone wants to have a perfect appearance, but there always someone who has the needless hair, this will bring awkward to them. So choose a good effect laser hair removal machine must become a significant thing. But, how to choose a best professional laser hair removal machine, maybe I can help you to handle this problem.

best laser hair removal machine for salon

First of all, the best laser hair removal machine for salon selection

Diode laser achieve hair removal by damaging the hair follicle structure without scald the skin. Treatment process is very simple, first in the area of hair removal, apply a layer of cold gel, put the crystalline sapphire probe close to the skin surface, at last, pull the trigger, only use the probe can come into the effect of hair removal,the operation is very easy and no damage to the skin.

Diode laser hair removal is mainly aimed at the growth of hair to destroy hair follicles, to achieve the removal effect. But generally speaking, the human body hair state is the coexistence of the three growth cycle, thus to achieve the result of hair removal. Should be treated for more than 3 to 5 times, to completely destroy the growth period of hair and achieve the best effect of hair removal.

diode laser hair removal machine

What are the advantages of diode laser hair removal machine:

Diode laser hair removal beauty machine has become popular to be used in hair removal technology.

1. The diode laser has good simplicity, good penetration, this wavelength can be absorbed by the cytoplasm cells easily. It is applied to the principle of selective photothermal action, hair follicles melanin is the target chromophore, effectively achieve hair removal.

2. The light pulse time is super long, which protects the skin and removes different thick hair.

3. However, if the user skin is darker, the target tissue and the epidermis have the same color base, and they can compete with each other to absorb this laser. Therefore, there is a risk that the dark skin may retain heat of the skin. But for the lighter color of the user can achieve better results.

4. Specially designed skin-tightening function, which can smooth skin at the same time.The patented technology of contact cooling cooling is safe and will not damage the skin

5. Square large light spot, quickly remove hair, and accelerate the treatment speed.

6. The original model freezing point laser can launch 10 laser pulses every second, and the pulse mode is unique, completely beyond traditional laser pulse, treatment process can be fast. Diode laser can heat target tissue, until arrive to the effective hair follicles.

7. Comfortable and fast, safe and convenient, it is the technique of laser hair removal, especially suitable for large area hair removal.

best professional laser hair removal machine

Technology Of The Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

1. Laser device:Laser device should be manufactured by famous enterprise, ensuring its top-ranking quality.

2. Power supply: Apparatus should adopt the high-power constant current power source.

3. Water pump: Adopts the imported diaphragm pump with guaranteed quality and long lifetime.

4. Radiator: High-grade copper radiator is used, super power making its heat dissipation effect better than others.

5. Screen:large color LCD screen brings diode laser hair removal machine imposing manner and noble temperament.

6. Electric wire: Three times more expensive than normal ones,is put into use for the welding of this hair removal machine beauty equipment.

7. Appearance: With extraordinary and gracious appearance, become a wonderful landscape as soon as it’s placed in your beauty salon.

8. Super large spot: The spot sizes which can increase the operation speed immensely.

hair removal machine beauty equipment

If you want to choose one best laser hair removal machine for salon, you can try our hair removal machine beauty equipment.

BVLASER Company will continue to provide you the best quality medical beauty equipment.


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