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What is Ultrasound HIFU Beauty Machine

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At present, ultrasound HIFU beauty machine is the most advanced anti-aging and firming instrument. It uses ultrasound as energy source, uses HIFU (High-Intensity Focused ULtrasound), high-energy focused ultrasonic technology, and can achieve the effect of skin-lifting surgery through non-invasive treatment. The SMAS (fascial layer) is obtained, so it has become the first choice for high-end wrinkle removal projects.

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The concept of ultrasound HIFU Beauty Machine

Ultrasound HIFU beauty machine is a sound wave with a frequency higher than 20KHz. The hearing line of healthy adults is 20KHz, so the human ear cannot hear ultrasound.

High-intensity focused ultrasound is a medical technology that uses the thermal effect of ultrasound to eliminate diseased tissue in the body. The way HIFU works is similar to the principle of burning paper at the focus after sunlight is focused by a magnifying glass.

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How Focused Ultrasound HIFU Works

With precise control of the depth of operation, according to the three depths of 1.5mm, 3.0mm and 4.5mm, the treatment is used to accurately inject focused ultrasonic energy into the dermis, subcutaneous tissue and SMAS layer of the skin. The thermal effect will increase the temperature of the target site. When the temperature reaches 47°C, a thermal treatment point will begin to form, tighten the surrounding tissue and lift it, improve the subcutaneous structure that supports the skin, activate the collagen regeneration mechanism, and promote the production of collagen and elastin. regeneration. At this time, the skin and muscles will recover elasticity, firmness and lift, and achieve the effect of eliminating wrinkles.

There is a transducer in the treatment head of the ultrasonic HIFU beauty machine, which converts the energy of the electromagnetic wave into sound energy to focus, and then emits it in dots after focusing. When the point is completely restored to normal, the new tissue replaces the old tissue, which is the process of skin rejuvenation.

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The treatment range of HIFU machine

In fact, the effect of HIFU machine treatment mainly includes lifting sagging tissue, smoothing wrinkles and firming and shaping.

Smoothen wrinkles: Eliminate the forehead, eyes, decrees, corners of the mouth, and lighten neck lines.

Lifting sagging tissue: Tighten eye bags, double chin, slack cheeks, sag the corners of the eyes, and enhance the brow line.

Firming and shaping: Lifting loose parts, removing excess facial fat, and smoothing lines.

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HIFU Focused ultrasound treatment effect

The immediate effect of the treatment can be observed with local subtle lifting, skin whitening and improvement, and firming feeling is improved.

One month after the treatment, the overall skin texture is improved and firmness is enhanced, and the skin texture is smoother.

Three months after the treatment, there will be a noticeable lift on the whole, the face will be firmer, and the skin around the eyes will also feel lifted and expanded.

If the effect of the photo is not obvious, you can manually measure and record the data, and use the change in the number to reflect the most obvious improvement after the ultrasonic HIFU machine.

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