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What to pay attention to when laser hair removal treatment

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Medical grade laser hair removal machine is one of the most commonly used hair removal methods. Many people misunderstand laser hair removal, thinking that laser hair removal can achieve permanent hair removal. In fact, this idea is wrong. Laser hair removal is a hair removal method that destroys hair follicles by laser irradiation, so as to achieve hair removal effect. In other words, laser hair removal is closely related to the hair growth cycle.

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Laser hair removal treatment time interval

Hair growth is generally divided into anagen phase, regression phase and resting phase. Growing hair contains the most melanin and is very sensitive to laser light; degenerative and resting hair does not absorb laser energy. Therefore, laser hair removal treatments only work after these hairs have entered the growing phase, so laser hair removal requires multiple treatments to achieve noticeable results.

According to the different growth cycles of hair in different parts, the time interval of laser hair removal treatment is also different. For example, the telogen phase of hair is relatively short, with an interval of about 1 month; the telogen period of trunk and extremity hair is relatively long, with an interval of about 2 months. Generally, laser hair removal requires an interval of 4-8 weeks between each session, after which the next laser hair removal treatment can be performed after the new hair grows. The number and interval of laser hair removal treatments vary for different individuals, different parts, and different hairs. Generally 3-5 in the second treatment, all patients can achieve permanent hair loss. Even with a small amount of regrowth, the regenerated hair is thinner, shorter and lighter than before.

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Are there any adverse reactions to laser hair removal?

Pain is the most common adverse reaction during laser hair removal treatment. Some patients are too afraid of this, but it is not necessary. The pain during laser hair removal is mostly mild, and the pain disappears after the treatment. The severity of pain is related to factors such as hair density, thickness, and color, as well as skin color and epilation site. The thicker, darker and denser the hair, the darker the skin color, the more obvious the pain during treatment; the pain is generally mild when the limbs, chest and abdomen are removed, and the pain is slightly heavier when the face, hands and feet are removed. But in general, compared to the past, the current laser hair removal treatment (such as laser hair removal machine soprano ice ) is much less painful and can be tolerated in most cases. Beauty seekers who are extremely sensitive to pain may request the use of topical narcotics for pain relief.

During the treatment, some patients may also experience temporary redness, swelling and mild itching of the skin. The redness and swelling will subside within a few hours after treatment, and the skin will return to normal. Laser hair removal is ideal for people with light skin and dark hair. If the skin color is darker, local pigment changes may be caused due to the destruction of skin pigment, such as darkening and hypopigmentation, but most of them are temporary, and they can gradually recover on their own within 3 to 6 months.

Rarely, scars are left behind, which are related to dark skin, unstable equipment, high energy, and untimely treatment, as well as the patient's constitution and the site of treatment. If there are adverse reactions such as persistent erythema, blisters and pain after treatment, you need to seek medical treatment in time to avoid scarring. In addition, if there is a suspected "scar constitution", you must inform the doctor before treatment, so that the doctor can determine whether laser hair removal can be performed.

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How to prepare before laser hair removal?

Sun exposure should be avoided before laser hair removal treatment. Do not shave your hair before the first treatment, so that the doctor can evaluate the effect and formulate a treatment plan. Do not pluck the hair 6 weeks before laser hair removal, and do not use products such as beeswax and hair removal cream, otherwise the effect of laser hair removal will be seriously affected. One day before laser hair removal, you can use soap to clean the hair removal area. Be careful to avoid using body wash as much as possible, because part of the body wash will adhere to the skin surface and react with the gel that needs to be used in the treatment process, affecting the curative effect and possibly increasing side effects. If the doctor asks to remove the hair, it can be removed with a razor. If you are pregnant, have scars, or are taking certain medications, you should inform your doctor about your situation and the medications you are using, so that the doctor can determine whether laser hair removal is suitable.

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How should care after laser hair removal?

No special care is usually required after laser hair removal, but be sure to pay attention to sun protection. In addition, for better skin recovery in the treated area, ice can be applied for 10 to 15 minutes to relieve mild burning sensations in the treatment area or mild erythema around the hair follicles. Some hairs in the treatment area may not fall off immediately after treatment, which is normal and nothing to worry about. On the day of treatment, it is advisable to clean the skin with low temperature water, use mild moisturizing products after cleaning, avoid sauna and hot water scalding, and avoid bathing and swimming within 2 weeks of treatment. The remaining hair on the treated area will fall out on its own after 1 to 2 weeks, and it can be removed after 24 hours.

laser hair removal machines for estheticians

Finally, it should be emphasized that although laser hair removal is safe and effective, it may also have side effects, which are related to laser hair removal machines for estheticians and the operation of esthetic doctors. Therefore, you should go to a regular hospital for treatment, ask a doctor to evaluate the hair condition before hair removal, and choose the most suitable laser equipment and the best treatment plan.


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