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Why Choose Picosecond Laser Beauty Machine

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Today, let us take a look at picosecond laser machine for sale. This picosecond laser beauty machine is an upgraded version of the traditional laser, which has special feature and advantage.

picosure laser machine

What Is Picosecond Laser

The picosecond itself is a type of laser, an updated version of the laser. Compared with the traditional laser, the effect of freckle removal will be better. The pulse width of picoseconds is smaller, and the unit energy it outputs will be stronger and more concentrated, so it can break down the pigments and make the pigments absorb better, so the effect of freckle removal is better. In addition, because it produces less photothermal damage, the incidence of adverse reactions will be lower. In short, picosecond itself is a type of laser, but it is more powerful and has fewer side effects.

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Best Picosecond Laser Machine For Sale

The picosecond laser beauty machine can shatter the pigmentation of spots (melanin), speed up the metabolism, and avoid the appearance of black problems at the same time. The firing speed is relatively fast, and the heat is also slow. The burning sensation is reduced, the irritation to the skin is small, the recovery time is short, the effect is fast, and the maintenance time is relatively long. The picosecond laser with high-tech technology can be said to replace the traditional skin cleansing laser.

The function of picosecond is similar to that of Q-switched laser, which is called "the nemesis of melanin", but picosecond can be said to be the superior of Q-switched laser. 1 picosecond = 0.001 nanosecond, the time is reduced from nanometer to picosecond.

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The Effect Of Picosecond Laser Machine

The use of optomechanical principles only targets melanin and does not affect other tissues. Focused energy is used to break up the melanin particles, and conventional lasers smash the stone-sized melanin to pieces. The picosecond laser is broken into fine sand, metabolized by the human body, or engulfed by cells. The area that has just been treated for freckle treatment will be very sensitive to sunlight. If you do not do a good job of sun protection, the skin will rebound and turn black after the laser exceeds picoseconds. After ultra-picosecond laser treatment to 3 months, pay attention to sun protection (go out with umbrella, sun hat, sunglasses, etc.) to avoid the deposition of pigment.

So, if you are considering to buy a new CE Certification picosencond laser machine and wondering which one to choose, I think this kind is an excellent choice.


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