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Why Choose Picosecond Laser Treatment

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Picosecond laser treatment is a type of laser technology, that is, the pulse duration (pulse width) of each laser emission reaches the picosecond level. The picosecond laser smashes melanin more finely at a faster speed and with powerful energy. The honeycomb lens technology refocuses each laser beam, allowing the skin tissue to extensively and intensively stimulate the fibroblast response under high energy concentration. Generate collagen fibers and elastic fibers, so that the skin of the whole face can be whitened, firmed, lifted, as well as repairing scars and reducing wrinkles.

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What is Picosecond laser

Picosecond, medical beauty project. It refers to the use of a laser with a pulse width of picoseconds to act on the target cells, which can generate "mechanical waves" on the target base. The high energy generated instantly by the wave can gasify the cells, and the pigment particles in the cells are completely shattered into dust, can be better taken up and metabolized by metabolic cells, or can change the physical properties of some pigment particles to make them not color, and is now commonly used in the treatment of various pigmented lesions including chloasma and tattoo removal.

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Why choose picosecond laser treatment

Picosecond belong to lasers and are called picosecond laser technology. The pulses of picoseconds are relatively wide, so the purpose of treating skin problems is more extensive than other beauty programs. Beauty seekers can choose according to their own skin conditions.

In clinical practice, photorejuvenation can usually be used to treat pigmentation spots and large pores. For acne pits and acne scars, fractional laser can be selected for treatment. Red blood can be treated by erbium laser. For different skin problems, you can choose the corresponding laser for treatment. If you find that the peak of the bottleneck period is reached after such laser treatment, and the treatment effect of the remaining skin problems is not good, then choose picosecond laser treatment, you can achieve better results.

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The Effect of Picosecond laser treatment

The picosecond effect is generally better, which can restore the skin to a smooth and white effect in a short period of time. It will not cause any damage to the skin during use. It can also effectively crush the facial pigmentation and freckles to remove freckles. Whitening effect. Picosecond is a relatively common laser. It generally uses the effect of light and heat to directly irradiate the skin. It can completely smash the melanin in the skin and decompose it into the smallest particles, which will be metabolized to the body with the body to remove freckles. 

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Precautions after Picosecond laser treatment

Picosecond laser treatment has little damage to the skin and good skin care effect, so it has become the first choice for many people to remove freckles. But even the best freckle removal methods should pay attention later.

1. After using picosecond laser freckle beauty treatment, the skin may be red and swollen due to the energy, but this is normal, sometimes there is some slight heat sensation, but it will subside quickly.

2. After picosecond laser freckle removal, apply anti-inflammatory cream every day. The wound will gradually form a scab, which will fall off in about a week, and then the skin will turn pink. During this process, we should pay attention to keep it clean and avoid exposure to sunlight, otherwise it will affect the effect of picosecond laser freckle removal. If the pigment has not completely faded away after freckle removal, there is no need to worry. The next treatment can be done in about 1 month.

3. Pay attention to continuous sun protection after surgery, eat less greasy and spicy food, maintain a good mood, and do not use whitening and stimulating functional products.

4. In the first 3-4 days after the operation, pay attention to repair and apply growth factors, try not to get wet, wipe with normal saline or distilled water, keep the treatment area clean and fresh, and apply some repair ointments.

5. Do not take a sauna or exercise vigorously for seven days, and do not eat irritating and pigmented foods for seven days.

6. Do not pick up scabs with your hands, and do moisturizing care after ten days.

7. After a week, the wound will begin to scab and fall off. At this time, sun protection is absolutely necessary. Wear sunscreen when going out, for at least 3-6 months.

8. Consult with a doctor if there is an abnormal situation, and do not make decisions without authorization, so as to avoid irreversible situations.

Before picosecond laser treatment, you need to choose a hospital carefully and find a cosmetic institution with a high reputation. Such beauty institutions have experienced doctors, which can effectively reduce the damage to skin tissue during surgery. At the same time, medical beauty devices are imported from regular manufacturers, which can effectively reduce the occurrence of adverse situations.

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