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Why our picosecond laser machine is different with others?

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The picosecond laser tattoo removal machine can treat many kinds of skin problems, such as tattoo removal, pigment removal, wrinkle removal and skin whitening.  Because of the best picosecond laser characteristics, the skin problem treatment will be more effective compared with other laser treatment.

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In this post, we will share the differences of our high power picosecond laser with others. Our company BVLASER has been in the laser beauty manufacturing industry for many years. And we now have our own laser R&D development department.

Here is the characteristics of our OEM picosecond laser machine.

1. South Korea imported 7- joint articulated arm, 2 ~10mm adjustable spot size.

2. Single pulse, double pulse, long pulse optional,whitening and rejuvenating for Long-pulse mode.

3. Solid laser seed source+MOPA amplification technology.

Global innovative technology PTP mode, transforming traditional single-pulse laser into double-pulse laser, emitting two nanosecond pulse lasers within 100 microsecond intervals.

4. Flat-top hat beam mode, Uniform energy density.

Flat-top output mode, achieves uniform energy distribution, does not generate local hot spots, can be effectively absorbed by the target pigment base, and avoids normal skin from being injured.


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