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You should to know before laser hair removal

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808nm diode laser permanent hair removal machine is one of the most widely used hair removal methods. Many people have a misconception about laser hair removal, thinking that laser hair removal can achieve permanent hair removal with just one treatment. In fact, it is wrong to do an idea. A hair removal method that destroys hair follicles by laser irradiation to achieve hair removal effect. That is, laser hair removal is closely related to the hair growth cycle.

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Is laser hair removal permanent

The hair growth cycle of different parts is different, and the time interval of laser hair removal treatment is also different. For example, the quiescent period of hair is relatively short, with an interval of about 1 month. The quiescent period of trunk and limb hair is relatively long, with an interval of about 2 months. Generally, each session of laser hair removal is about 4-8 weeks apart, and the next laser hair removal treatment can only be done after new hair has grown. Different individuals, different parts, different hair, the number and interval of laser hair removal treatments are different. Generally, after 3-5 treatments, all patients can achieve permanent hair loss. Even with a small amount of regrowth, the regenerated hair is thinner, shorter, and lighter than the original.

laser hair removal machine soprano ice

Features of Laser Hair Removal

1. The optimal laser wavelength Laser hair removal must meet two important conditions. First, the laser can be fully absorbed by the hair follicle tissue; second, the laser can effectively pass through the skin to the location of the hair follicle. The 808nm diode laser permanent hair removal machine, located in the infrared region near the spectrum, and melanin is well absorbed. At the same time, it can penetrate the deep dermis and subcutaneous adipose tissue, act on different parts and deep hair follicles, and effectively remove any part of the human body and deep hair.

2. Adjust the light pulse time is too long, protect the epidermis, and remove the hair of different thicknesses. The laser pulse time required for the best hair removal effect is related to the thickness of the hair. The thicker the hair, the longer the laser action time, and the laser pulse of the semiconductor laser. The time is from 5 seconds to 100 milliseconds, which can effectively protect the epidermis from thermal damage while obtaining the ideal hair removal effect.

3. Best for Asian traditional laser hair removal. Due to the deep penetration depth of the 808nm diode laser permanent hair removal machine, the epidermis absorbs very little energy from the laser, so it will not produce melanosis and inflammation.

808nm diode laser permanent hair removal machine

Advantages of laser hair removal

1. The sapphire contact cooling patented technology is safe and does not damage the skin to contact the cooling laser head. During the treatment, the sapphire window is close to the skin, and the local epidermis is cooled to 5 degrees, which not only effectively protects the normal skin from thermal damage and relieves pain, but also increases the treatment energy and improves the curative effect. At the same time, the laser head presses down on the skin, causing the hair follicles to fall, increasing the laser absorption by 30%-40%.

2. Square light spot, quickly remove hair and speed up treatment. The spot of laser hair removal is designed as a 9 mm square spot. Large-area skin hair removal is not only efficient and fast, but also eliminates the treatment overlap dead zone formed by traditional laser circular spots.

Precautions: Laser hair removal treatment is selective. Therefore, it is recommended that patients communicate with beauticians before laser hair removal.


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