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BV LASER Introduction

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Established in 2010, BV Laser, the utmost cost-effective world-renowned OEM&ODM in China, providing exclusively customized service for overseas distributors, possessing 2 innovative laser R&D centers in Shenzhen and Nanjing, China. And 14.2% of elites are R&D specialists, 30% of which holds phD and advanced degrees.

Now the company has developed comprehensive global R&D cetners, manufacturing, certificate identification, sale, service and distribution strategy with Development Department, Production Department, Sale Department, After-sales Service Department. We are committed to innovating the up-to-date laser beauty machines with cutting-edge technology based on our customers’ needs, with professional consulting services and local after-sales service, including product maintenance, technical support and training.

Over the last 13 years experience in know-how beauty medical sector, we had gained over 50 registered patents with recognized technologies in 755nm+1064nm Long Pulse Laser, 755nm+808nm+940nm+1064nm Diode Laser, IP/SHR, Q-switched ND YAG Laser, Picoseconds Laser and Cryolipolysis, etc., which are widely used in the cosmetics, aesthetics, and dermatology fields. A more robust service system is on call for the best partners.

In the future, BV Laser will continue to advance ODM&OEM service with core technology, extremely attractive machine appearance and exquisite UI control system. Our domestic and overseas teams are always on standby to continue providing excellent service for customers with greater safety and effectiveness, comfort and convenience willingly and instantly.


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