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CO2 Fractional Laser Scar Removal Equipment In Medical Beauty Industry

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With the continuous development of modern medical beauty technology, people's increasingly diversified needs for beauty are also being further met. Especially in recent years, all kinds of medical beauty equipment and technologies have blossomed, and the demand for facial rejuvenation has exploded. The choice of technology will inevitably make it difficult for consumers.

Want to have smooth and supple skin? Want to look super-aged on your face? Today, I will solve the problems of acne marks, rough skin, large pores, pigmentation, wrinkles, etc., and let you know about another technology in the medical beauty industry - CO2 fractional laser scar removal equipment.

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What is CO2 Fractional Laser?

From the birth of the world's first CO2 fractional laser in 1964 to the launch of the first CO2 fractional laser in 2005, and to today's rapid development in the field of medical beauty optoelectronics, CO2 fractional laser has a history of 58 years. How did this evergreen in the medical field achieve facial rejuvenation?

Fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing is a common ablation fractional laser, that is, the laser is emitted by scanning lattice (the diameter of the laser beam is less than 500μm, and the laser beam is regularly arranged in lattice), which is a safe Non-invasive, minimally invasive laser therapy.

During the treatment, a burning area is formed in the epidermis composed of laser action spots and intervals. Each laser action spot is composed of single or several high-energy laser pulses, which can directly penetrate into the dermis layer, based on focal photothermal action The principle is to make the thermal stimulation arranged in a lattice shape start the skin repair process, promote epidermis regeneration, new collagen fiber synthesis and collagen remodeling, collagen fibers shrink about ⅓ under the action of laser, and fine wrinkles are flattened, Deep wrinkles become shallower and thinner, and the skin becomes firm and lustrous, so as to achieve the purpose of skin rejuvenation such as wrinkle reduction, skin tightening, pore reduction, and skin quality improvement.

Compared to non-fractional lasers, the advantages are less damage, faster patient recovery after treatment, and less downtime. The system is equipped with a high-speed graphic scanner, which can scan and output graphics of different shapes, and provide personalized treatment plans according to the needs of different patients.

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Main functions and advantages of CO2 fractional laser

With zero anesthesia for surgical treatment, it only takes 5-10 minutes to complete the precise laser positioning without pain and bleeding, and Its working principle is simply the effect of CO2 laser on tissue, that is, on water.

1. The main functions are as follows:

▶Effectively avoids side effects such as thermal damage, and also promotes skin healing.

▶Stimulates the skin's self-repair to achieve the effect of firming, rejuvenating, removing stains, and repairing scars. Part of normal skin can be protected and skin recovery can be accelerated.

▶It can quickly improve skin texture, firm skin, improve large pores, and make skin as smooth and delicate as water.

▶Using a single artistic comprehensive treatment, the clinical and cosmetic effects can be more precisely controlled, the results are more significant and precise, and the recovery time is shorter.

2. Advantages compared to other lasers:

▶ Small trauma and quick recovery. Using the world's leading microporous lattice technology (pore size 0.1mm), the microscopic wound can be repaired quickly in a short time, and the barrier function of the skin can be completely preserved. It can treat any part of the body, which is between invasive and non-invasive treatment. Minimally invasive treatment.

▶ Scan point by point, efficient and safe, reducing side effects. Ultra-pulse carbon dioxide laser treatment system, equipped with "point-by-point scanning" lattice technology, controlled by microcomputer, applies hair-thin laser beams to the affected area one by one, without heat overlapping, which can significantly reduce the occurrence of side effects

▶Fine and fast treatment, better curative effect, no delay in construction period. The depth and density (coverage) of the dot matrix can be precisely controlled by the computer, the treatment is more refined, and the curative effect is more guaranteed; and the maximum 15X15mm treatment area can be scanned, the treatment is faster, and the construction period is not delayed.

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CO2 fractional laser treatment process and precautions


▶Various scars: trauma scars, burn scars, suture scars, stains, ichthyosis, goose skin disease, red blood, etc.

▶Various wrinkles and scars: acne, facial and forehead wrinkles, joint wrinkles, stretch marks, eyelids, crow's feet and other fine lines around the eyes, dry lines, etc.

▶ Pigmented lesions: freckles, sun spots, age spots, chloasma, etc., as well as vascular lesions, proliferation of capillaries, and rosacea.

▶Photoaging: wrinkles, rough skin, enlarged pores, pigment spots, etc.

▶ Rough and dull face: shrink large pores, eliminate fine wrinkles on the face, and make the skin smoother, delicate and elastic.


▶Severe diabetes patients, high blood pressure, pregnancy, breastfeeding and people allergic to light

▶ Active infection (mainly herpes virus infection), recent tanning (especially within 4 weeks), active skin inflammation, signs of skin barrier damage (such as increased skin sensitivity), suspicious treatment areas Malignant lesions, organic lesions in important organs, pregnant and lactating women, mental patients, and other laser treatments within 3 months.

▶Recently there are new closed acne, new red acne on the face, sensitive and red skin.

Treatment process

Doctor's face consultation (skin test) → determine a personalized plan → cleanse (apply anesthetic) → clean the anesthetic, start laser → post-operative cold compress → apply repair medicine

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Precautions after treatment

There is a certain recovery period after treatment, scabs begin to form in about 3 days, and the scabs fall off in 5-7 days; those with slow metabolism form scabs in 7-10 days, and the scabs fall off after 15 days. Patients need to pay attention to wound protection. Do not use any products that have scrubbing or exfoliating functions. Disinfect 1-2 times a day before scabbing. Clean with water after scabbing. Strictly apply sunscreen and use growth factor drugs. Or apply a medical mask to promote skin tissue repair.

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