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Does laser hair removal damage other skin tissues

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Laser hair removal is one of the safest and most effective forms of hair removal in clinical practice. It is based on the principle that the hair follicle selectively absorbs the energy of the laser, which directly destroys the hair follicle, causing it to gradually shrink and inhibit hair growth. During the laser treatment of laser hair removal, the laser only targets the hair follicle and does not affect the normal skin tissue around the hair follicle. It also does not destroy the sweat glands, so the secretion of sweat and sebum will not be affected after laser hair removal. Laser hair removal equipment is therefore a very safe and reliable method of hair removal.

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Why does a laser remove hair?

We have all used an electric kettle, we fill it with water, apply electricity and the resistance wire in the kettle will keep on heating up and boiling the water. Laser hair removal is similar to this process, the laser light is absorbed by the black material, and when it is absorbed by our black hair, it emits heat, which spreads around and "burns" the entire hair follicle, destroying it completely. Hair removal is generally very effective and permanent.

Does laser hair removal damage other skin tissues?

Laser hair removal treatment, there is no need to worry about damaging skin structures other than the hair follicle, as the laser hair removal technology now uses the extended selective photothermal principle to control the precise extent of the heat spread, just enough to "burn" the hair follicle completely without damaging the surrounding skin, making it safe.

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Is one laser hair removal treatment enough?

No, unfortunately. Because our hair has a growth cycle, which is divided into anagen, regression and resting phases. The laser is only absorbed by the hair in the anagen phase to completely destroy the hair follicle, while the hair in the anagen phase only accounts for 85% of the hair, the rest is in the "hibernation" state, that is, the regression phase and the resting phase. After a hair removal session, after a few weeks to a few months, most of the remaining hairs will also enter the anagen phase and can then be removed with another treatment. Therefore, laser hair removal usually requires 3 to 5 treatments to get rid of the hair relatively cleanly.

Does hair removal affect sweating?

The hair follicles and sweat glands are independent of each other, so laser hair removal does not affect sweating at all.

Precautions for laser hair removal

First of all it is important to clarify who is not suitable for laser hair removal. If there are local scar appearances or a history of keloids; secondly there is a history of infection in the area of hair removal or a history of herpes simplex infection; other hair removal methods have been used within 6 weeks, such as waxing, patching etc. Permanent hair removal laser is also not suitable for people with particularly dark skin colour; and finally patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding. In addition, after laser hair removal, care is also very important to ensure maximum safety. First of all, we must ensure the cleanliness of the treatment area to avoid the appearance of infection. After treatment, we must do a good job of sun protection to avoid the stimulation of strong light, and apply sunscreen or physical sun protection when we go out to avoid skin burns; secondly, we must pay attention to the diet, do not eat spicy and stimulating food, but mainly light. You should not wash the hair removal area with too hot water on the day after treatment; do not scrape or do any treatment on your own to remove the hair that grows out of the hair removal area, you must wait until the next laser hair removal to be processed by the medical staff.

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Finally, Bvlaser reminds all readers who want laser hair removal treatment that although laser hair removal is safe and effective, there may be side effects, which are related to the equipment used for laser hair removal and the operation of the physician. It is advisable to go to a regular hospital to choose the right hair removal laser in order to finally get a smooth and beautiful skin.


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